IE home page, HIJACKED!!!!

Yeah formating is really the last resort to eveything, but people are quick to mark it as the first option :down:

Glad its fixed now stop going on porn sites :p
What else is there to do on the internet? Nothing worthwhile :up:
What else is there to do on the internet? Nothing worthwhile :up:
^ Its the virus. :D ...I sure hope not...

Anyways, glad to hear you seem to have fixed the problem. :up:
Sorry for suggesting a reinstall of your computer BAH HUMBUG!

I was in the exact same situation as you, and that is what I eventually did because I spent lots of time trying to remove the virus with many anti-virus and anti-malware programs but it didn't work, I was just trying to save you time lol :p
Yeah I've actually used it before, a really good program :up:

But very hands on, you need to either know what you are doing or find directions for your specific problem.

I personally found out the hard way one day when I got careless and deleted a file that ran my DVD player.

I had to reload windows after that.

I'd type in the file name into google to find out which virus you have and then find a program that can deal with it properly.
I fixed it anyway WL thanks though. :up:

No worries Sparta*, I probably need to format my drive anyway, but just don't want to lol.

I am really surprised that McAfee wasn't able to take care of the problem, yet a simple free program could. Odd.
You know, I vaguely remember this happening to me after I looked at a lot of porn....

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