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Mar 13, 2005
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Would you sell your soul to the devil for the thing you most desired or just really wanted to have.

So lets here those inner most wishes people.:grin:
nope, i wouldn't.

i'm not very religious, but with what spiritual faith i do have, any kind of interaction with the devil at all, let alone him having control of my soul, is what i fear most.

(yes, i believe in that stuff)
No, because if the devil existed that means hell exists. I wouldn't want to spend eternity in hell(which is supposed to be pain beyond man's imagination or comprehension) for something that would only last a mortal life.
no, because he'd probably lie to me and give me the opposite of what i want.... thats the devil! :cmad: :woot:
Tempting, but no.
plus, i'm educated on dante's inferno... i know all about the different levels of hell, and the types of punishment one is to endure in hell.
Don't do it man. Even Alba isn't worth that. :)
plus i hear the Devils annoying, wearing red all the time, always getting drunk, spinning his little bone cane, Pfffffff
Nah. If I cant get it by hard work, then its not meant to be.
If Jolie was the devil yes I sell my soul..... :o
I've read the divine comedy but hell yes would i sell my soul but i would most likely ask for omnipotence so i would be fine or I'd ask for 7 wishes
Sure.When I think of something worthy to do in order for me to sell the soul..I will write it down.
never deal with foul mouth knuckleheads :o

it sure would be a blast but don't think it's worth an eternity of unimaginable horror . . . now if say we were talking 5 years in hell, or some kind of bargain then maybe . . . :O
Or better yet. Say If you were like oh i sell my soul for a drink and the devil came and gave you a drink. When i say that i mean yoour at home and want some booze. But here's the thing he gives you a bottle but you don't drink it all so you won't go to hell since you didn't drink it all.

Or say you wanted a certain woman and if you didn't have sexual relations you won't go to hell. aslong as you don't do the nasty.

get what i'm saying.

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