If Natalie Portman made an album of angry rap, would you buy it?

Better change your sig
I got ****ing banned for saying that
I want uncensored version. :(

And yes.
:confused: A rap album from Portman? Why not? If you like current hip-hop, it's not much worse. It's probably better than anything that comes out of the South or the Bay area. :down :o

I'd download a few of the tracks and have a laugh.
Buy it? No...
download it and listen to it... yeah why not?
I would purchase it. Rip it. Then resell it for twice as much.
heh, it's trying too hard, but I still love the little Amidala girl, hahaha
Nah. I'd probably download a few songs for laughs.
I'd buy anything Portman was selling. She moves me.
I would buy multiple copies. One on CD. One on Tape for the car, and two on vinyl for DJing.

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