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I'm going away for a while.

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The Triumvirate
Jul 9, 2005
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I just need to leave this board for a while and get my head straight.
people are born that way you know...you can't just become straight on a whim...

...and bring me back a t-shirt. :up:
good luck man...:up:

(see you next week)
Okay, you make this every few months don't you? :huh:
I didn't make a thread when I went away. :p
Yeah, I never mention it when I take my little sabbaticals every now and again.
I did.

Wow I really made myself look like a dope. :o
why do people announce that they are leaving? do they want sympathy? I never got it.
Didn't Mirko make a rule, like 2 years ago that forbade going away threads?
Stay safe, um... guy person.
Don't let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha
why do people leave these boards to ge their head straight ? is there something i'm missing ? is it that bad?
seriously, you cant handle the real world, so you join a board online to talk to people, and even then, you cant handle that people say about you. maybe you should stop sweating the small **** bud, get back in school, get an education, make something of yourself.
why do people announce that they are leaving? do they want sympathy? I never got it.

I suppose so,or think some kind of social obligation that makes them say that.I took a few months away,and i did not say anything..nor did anyone care.That's how it is.
i got the impression he was citing the boards as his problem.
it's prolly related to his issues that make him binge. get better etm:up:
Good luck working through your issues, I hope all things work out for you. :up:
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