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I'm torn.


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Mar 7, 2006
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As some of you know, I work at a Dunham's Sporting Goods store. About three months ago, I was promoted to a department manager. More specifically, the shoe department. The job is nice, I get around $7.80 and hour, but the hours suck around this time of the year. That happens when the post-holiday lull hits. The job is very secure though.

The problem is: I drive 20 miles to and from this job each day I work, and it's a little too much on gas.

Now the other day, I applied for a job at a new and opening soon Office Depot in Kalamazoo, about 10 minutes from my house. It seems like a good opportunity, and I love working with computers and the technology that accompanies them. I filled out a survey and seem very confident in at least getting an offer, considering I have 2+ years in retail experience.

Today, I found out that I will be bumped up to a key-holding manager at my current Dunham's job. One of our current keys is being promoted to an assistant manager position in Indiana, and that leaves two spots open. One is pretty much in my name, and the other is for a new key hired from within the company, from another store.

Although the pay will be better at Dunham's (at least I'm 90% sure it WILL be), this new job sounds intriguing... and I love that it's close to my apartment. And I will be cutting down on gasoline costs big time with the short drive.

What do you guys think?

Right now, I'm going to wait for Office Depot to call me with an offer... and if it's good enough, I think I will leave my current job.
I'd say your plan sounds good- wait for the other offer and compare the wages.

Or work for Target, their base pay is higher than what you're making as department manager. :up:
I say work in Kalamazoo, cause that's an awesome name.
Managing the shoe department is starting to suck anyways.
Tired of waiting on people hand and...FOOT?

Haha, OH! Is everybody with me? I can slow down if I need to.
I hate the shoe department, its insane and always messed up.
I take it you live alone not with parents, so you have bills to pay for so i cant just tell you to do whatever makes you happy. But ultimately why stay in a job that from what you say sounds like your unhappy in, The new place offers something your interested in (computers) do what makes you happy and by the sound of it thats the new job.
I would definately wait to hear the office depot offer and make sure it is exactly what they are telling you.
Always leave for more money...duh! My new job matched my last salary (11.50) so I'm happy.
i make twice as much and my job sucks ... i would rather be at office depot
And you call yourself a woman. :whatever: :o

I love shoes, don't get me wrong. I just hate the way they're arranged, not in their correct orders or boxes, and that I have to clean up other people's lazy ass disorganization. :cmad::cmad:

But I get to see all the new ones before anyone else.
You get me. :heart:
Ultimately Fran, both jobs are short term I'm guessing (meaning neither are careers). So take the closer one if the money is good enough to keep everything on the level.
Ultimately Fran, both jobs are short term I'm quessing (meaning neither are careers). So take the closer one if the money is good enough to keep everything on the level.


Cupcake, are you drunk tonight?
Well... with Dunham's I could very well become a future store/assistant to the manager.

Salary pay would be nice, but from what my bosses have told me, it's not enough.
With the proper technology, yes.

Shoe stores in disguise!

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