Internet Movie Site Rankings for X3

Ok shyguys, I'm thinking that X3 will start out at around 50% and end with a 68% (from the critics on RT, the users will probably give it a 80%) and a 6.8 on IMDB...(it'll probably start out at 7.4)

This is only because expectations are already low and opinions of the movie will stay rather tame because it'll take too much for people to change their minds completely on what they were already expecting going into the film...

I don't think the critics will like it because the story would probably take away from itself so much on the relying on the previous two movies...

i think it will get a C+....why?because critics suck balls.
I always pay attention to Rotten Tomatoes. I usually agree with the tomatometers. I'm guessing X3 will get around 50%.
I never usually agree with the critics scores on RT...I usually agree more with the User scores moreso..

For example, Lucky Number Slevin has a 50% on RT from the critics, but a 86% from the users...


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