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Know One

Oct 30, 2012
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Hello people,

I can finally make a thread of my own!

Can someone indicate if there are free web hosting places where I can put up to two hundred articles?

I used to have a Superman site for 4 years and I think the time is right to put back up some very fun and INFORMATIVE stuff about the Superman.


Know One.
I'm going to bump this thread because of the high percentage of success it had...(and because I still need the info)... :-)
...ok...because of overwhelming demand - I'm bumping again.
sorry man can't help you there -- why don't you open a blog or something?
Would a blog allow me to post lots of articles and keep them up?

Because I figure the only way I can do that is to buy a .com...

Other feasible suggestions?
You can do a surprising amount of stuff with a blogger acount, provided you can figure out how to do some scripting. Plus you can get a .com for only $10 a year.
I used to have freewebs (or freewebZ).com. Then things went real good and I bought my own .com. I had fun with a Superman site - it's really off the wall - I don't want to reveal too much right now - but you people will be the first to know what's up when...it's up.
Now, I'm trying to find a place that will host hundreds of articles.
I know I won't be putting up my site in the next week or so - I'm also switching jobs but, between 1-2 months - it will happen or...die in the egg...

Thanks all, pls keep the suggestions coming in!

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