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Comics Introducing... Peter Parker's SISTER... Teresa...

Hmm, interesting...the motion comic thing at the bottom makes me sad that this isn't an animated feature hah
The parents/CIA thing is always playing with fire. It's Waid though, so I gotta have faith.
So this will go one of three ways:

1. She's not his real sister and is discredited/dies at the end.

2. She is his real sister and dies at the end.

3. She is his real sister, but since this is not strictly "in continuity", she is never really seen/heard from again, much like the Gwen Stacy clone or Gwen's "children" (ugh).
Peter had a Sister once before.
Her Villian name was Malice, i think.
It was in the Revenge of the Sinister Six novels.

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At least she is not called "May" or "Mary" in any way.
The Parker family has a way of reusing the same names over and over again. :cwink:
I don't think you can really win with an idea like this. Whether she is or isn't his sister, both run the risk of being incredibly cheap. Hopefully the story is actually good and those plot points can be forgiven.
Peter had a Sister once before.
Her Villian name was Malice, i think.
It was in the Revenge of the Sinister Six novels.

You are so right. Sorry I took so long to respond to that.The point being this is not the first time Peter has supposedly had a sister in a Spider-Man novel or graphic novel. Actually, this is the first original story Spider-Man graphic novel in many years.I like Dell O's artwork and Waid should stay within the continuity (such as it is). The way I read this interview, I'm more convinced that the real Peter will return around the time of the next Spidey movie.Time will tell.
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