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Jul 31, 2006
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I know by now (because of my remake Spider-Man story) most don't really like my fan-stories... but I've been researching way more in depth in the world of Spider-Man.

Ok, first of all, usually when someone speaks of a Spider-Man sequel, most people ask two or more questions. Two of them are the most famouse.

1: Who are the villains?
2: What's Peter Parker's big story?

Now I'm going to give you an example outline of what I'm doing by doing the first three with an outline.

Green Goblin

Peter recieving his powers, the death of Uncle Ben and taking up the super-hero mantle of Spider-Man.
Doctor Octopus

Peter Parker's problems weighing down so hard on him to cause him to quit being Spider-Man.
New Goblin

The alien symbiote comes down and attaches itself to Peter, now forcing him to deal with the 4th villain: himself.

Ok, so that's a brief look at what I want to do for Spider-Man 4, 5 and 6 in outline. Ok, so without further delay, here's what I hope for the sequels.

Doctor Octopus (villain)
Sandman (hero)
Carnage (villain)

The mutation of Peter Parker may not be complete! Once again, a big problem is himself. But this time he can't fight it. Someone else will...

Doctor Octopus is only revieled (not to Spidey) to be alive, and doesn't have any fights. Just a few dialogue scenes.

Sandman doesn't act as a villain in the movie, but more like a hero. He fights against Lizard and when Peter turns into Man-Spider, he has to defend himself against him! After Peter is turned to normal he apologizes to Flint.

Carnage won't be a big villain for this movie. He only makes a very end cameo. Basically Cletus Kasady is put in prison and he acts all crazy. But we see nothing of Carnage yet...
Doctor Octopus

Peter Parker, while helping Aunt May clean her apartment, came acrossed a box with lots of information about his parents. He learns that they were spies and convicted of felony against America!

Aunt May is ill and is sent to the hospital. Dr. Connor's has offered to help and has fixed something that could cure her! Peter goes over to give it to her. Meanwhile Doc Ock confronts his old friend Curt Connors forcefully, which causes him to become Lizard. Ock and Lizard fight. Their fight is lead to the sewers right near the hospital. Carnage appears and drags Spidey into the fight. Now it's a four fight. Lizard, Ock and Carnage all against Spidey, while the villains also being against each other! (Maybe this battle could take the place of a Sinister Six or something (just with 3)). Somehow (i'll think up later) Carnage escapes and now it's just Spidey, Ock and Lizard. Finally Ock brings down a ton of brick and cement ontop of Spidey and he beats Lizard until he's back as Connor's! Spidey finally gets out, and somehow he figures out his Aunt May is about to die. But at this very moment, Ock is about to kill Connors! Spidey must choose. And in a very heroic moment Sandman comes before Spidey and offers to save Connors while Spidey goes to save his aunt. The battle continues as Sandman battles Doc Ock! Peter gets in the hospital and gives her the medicine. But it doesn't do any good! She too far gone! But before she dies, she tells Peter the story of his parents and how they were wrongly convicted. (We go in a flashback, much like the Uncle Ben flashbacks in SM3). Then May dies! Peter and MJ cry over the loose of Aunt May! Peter then suddenly realizes that this the illness wasn't that bad! Most of the reason she died was from poisoning! Peter then realized Ock did it! Meanwhile Sandman manages to get Connors to safety. Suddenly Spidey comes to help Sandman defeat Ock! They get him in the sewer water and his arms cut off. Spidey tells Octavius he can fight it. He says "No I can't... These arms have taken me over... completely." With that Peter punches Octavius, then webs him up (under the water). Just then Carnage re-appears (after Peter (ripped up costume) and Sandman) get from out of the sewer. On the street they fight and eventually Carnage bites Sandman and he starts to deform. Peter gets Carnage under a pile of rubble, then for a short moment Peter talks to Flint before he dies! Peter turns to face Carnage. The two fight until they come to an airport (this is in Queens), the two fight until they get to an airplane. They fight on the plane and just then it takes off. In mid-air the two fight, going in and out of the plane. Peter having to save passangers that Carnage attempts to kill. Carnage, the alien villain that is two times worse than Venom fights the already exhausted Peter aboard a plane in midflight (imagine this fight! :wow: ). Their long fight eventually destroyes the plane so much that it begins to crash. Peter ends up killing the symbiote by pushing it in the engine (this is the very last time we meet the symbiote). He tries to save Cletus Kasady, but he can't. Now Spidey must try and stop the falling plane... Anyway... at the end of the movie Connor's is cured from the Lizard, and Peter and MJ are at Aunt May's funeral... also... another subplot to this movie is Peter and MJ are married by now, and Peter goes to the hospital and finds out that he can't make MJ pregnant, therefor they are unable to have children!

Peter finds out that he has been cloned and Ben Reilly is his clone... But soon afterwards he learns that he may be the clone!

Later, during a fight with Electro, Ben is killed and Peter realizes that Ben was, indeed, the clone...

Electro is still possing a threat to Peter and eventually he is able to stop him. Electro blacks out the city and in the process kills himself accidentally. Peter just learned that despite his ealier doctor's report, MJ is pregant! The two are so happy! JJ hires Scorpion to figure out how Peter gets such good shots of Spider-Man. Scorpion learns that Peter is Spider-Man. Eventually Scorpion gets the news to JJ, and JJ is enraged at Peter. Prowler is also a problem (a small problem). He has become a small time crook, and eventually he turns from his criminal ways and Hobbie and Peter become friends. Now that JJ knows Peter's secret and he's printed it all over his papers, Peter needs to cover himself up. He gets Hobbie to be outside the Bugle office, while Peter is inside. JJ is about to fire Peter and in a comical moment Spider-Man (Hobbie) crawls up a wall nearby (using his technology) and JJ turns his head at Spidey, then at Peter... then he has to print yet another retraction. (There is an Eddie Brock mention in there :oldrazz: ) JJ then fires Scorpion for "lying to him", and Scorpion gets angry and attacks JJ inside the Bugle. JJ calls Peter and tells him to get the police. Peter comes over as Spidey and fights Scorpion inside the Bugle. The next day the papers come out and "Spidey and Scorpion Ambush Publisher!". "Why am I not suprised" says Spidey. :oldrazz: Now Scorpion is out for revenge on Peter. He fights him (takes MJ hostage (something Kirsten or whoever plays her will have to not do for 3 movies before now. :oldrazz: )) In the process Scorpion hurts MJ. Later MJ goes into labor and when the baby is born, it is born hurt and wounded (and also dead). Peter knows it's Scorpion's fault. He then goes after Scorpion! In the process Scorpion is killed (by Spider-Man!:wow: ) Now Peter lives with the guilt of killing someone!
Green Goblin

Peter learns that Norman Osborn lives! The PFE kept him alive! And now he's going to do what Harry didn't do... kill Peter Parker! Also Hobgoblin has become a problem (as he stole the New Goblin equipment of SM3 from the Goblin lair)... Norman makes a brand new costume with equipment (not a corny costume either :oldrazz: ) Meanwhile Hobgoblin makes modifications to the New Goblin costume and he paints it dark orange! (and he changes the mask with a scary rubber one with red glowing eyes!). Green Goblin and Hobgoblin both fight Spider-Man (not on the same side) and sometimes they fight each other. Hydro-Man is also a problem (very small problem). We have a few fights with him before he dries up in the summer heat. MJ is also pregnant again and when the baby is born she is alive and well! The Parker family can now continue...

please leave comments to my rough draft story outline. :cwink:
To be completely honest... I don't like it.
Is there supposed to be an escalation of danger / drama from Spider-Man 4 - 8? Because frankly, I don't see one. I believe the way you present things also doesn't help at making it seem interesting. It looks like you just came up with it on the spot... sentences like:

"the baby is born, it is born hurt and wounded (and also dead)."

... doesn't make your story look professional nor credible. I don't know whether or not you actually put effort into all this, but I think you need to take some more time and look at it again. I wouldn't be particularly interested in seeing any of these movies... sorry.
Spiderman 7/8???? What are you people smoking? I could see Ben Reily though... Spiderman Returns or the Scarlet Spider in 2032 or something like that...
Not bad. It's a cool fan-story. However many of those things wouldn't work in Raimi's films. Like having Ock poison Aunt May and having repeat villains.
There isn't enough heart/character that carried the first three in there, and there's certainly not enough to tell a good story for eight movies. Too many bad guys are going to make it worse, too, and Dr. Octopus should definetly not come back because it'll ruin the plot of Spider-Man 2.
Sandman was never really a villain in SM3,so there is no need to see him ever again,Carnage looks cool,but has no depth,Doc Ock died as a hero,so you can't have him show up alive and be evil again,Norman is dead,once a villain is dead they should stay dead.

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