Introducing the 'shirt rip'


Oct 25, 2007
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This is a classic, iconic moment for superman, in any interpretation.

It wasn't present in 'Man of steel' for the obvious reason, there was no reason to have it.

Now we have Clark with a 'secret identity' whilst not saving the world (the age old debate of who is the disguise can be for another day), hopefully we will see the shirt rip (i feel we had a nod to it, when Jor El held open his clothing, to reveal the shield as a symbol of hope).

How can this be incorporated?

Firstly, we need to know the nature of his suit - is it nano tech that grows over his body or does it work like 'normal' clothing.

From my own interpretation, i feel it is nano tech - i feel kryptonian's wear a belt, and the suit grows out of the belt - leaving the button exposed as like 'switch' to activate it - this will also explain how he can have the suit 'on' under his normal clothes, he hits the button it be begins to appear and he would then need to tear his clothes away - obviously he doesn't always need to change so quickly, but now and then, a shirt rip is necessary.

But.. let's say he needs to carry the suit in a bag, satchel etc, with super speed he can put the suit on i'd imagine in a few seconds - maybe a fun scene could be Clark practising the suit change, we see him struggle in slow mo, or super speed a couple times, prehaps the red boxers he is we wearing he accidentally puts on over his suit (or would that be too disrespectful/take the audience out of the story).

Anyways, my theory, for the shirt rip, in this instance, would be that he flies back to the planet and is hidden in the janitor's closet holding his work clothes, as he is about to change he hears a couple of people, maybe lois, about to enter the room. As they walk in, we then see Clark looking awkward, they ask him what he is doing and he says nothing specific, mumbling an awkward excuse, so he leaves with them and gives lois a look like 'help me, distract them' so then we have a whole situation where he has to work and interact with staff wearing the suit underneath, which just highlights how in a 'real' world, it couldn't work. We see clark keep on his jumper or jacket, to hide the cuffs, shield etc, perhaps people ask if he has gained weight or make a joke of still wearing his pj's under his shirt.
We then hear of an emergency, in town, Clark takes this moment to run off and he literally rips and busts out of his suit.

Or, would you just like him to have it under and leave it as that?

So, fans, friends, how would you like to see it portrayed, if at all?
They could've done it at the end of MoS. Clark at the Daily Planet, breaking news on the televisions ... runs to the top of the building and rips his shirt. [THE END]

Kinda like smallville ... I loved the ending as it is, but it would've been cool!
We will have to see in the sequel.

I originally wanted a shirt rip to end the film, but I'm glad with what we received. "Welcome to The Planet" - the paper and the world itself, after the soul searching of the film. Cavill smiling and the music peaking was perfect.

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