Iron Man Iron Man on the cover of EMPIRE Magazine


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Nov 15, 2007
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I'll have scans of the entire article later.
Awesome,It also Says there is news on the Wolverine and Incredible Hulk Movies,Can you scan those too?
Is the cover photo a new image?
I never buy magazines, since they really are a bunch of nicely arranged ads, but I with IM, Hulk, and Wolverine pictures and articles, I don't think I'll be able to help myself.
Thanks Anton! :woot: When's this out?
Those Empire pictures are niiiiiiiiiiiiice !!:woot:

I hope the article is a nice read.
wow, they defiently coulda gone with a more appealing picture for the cover, but love the flying one
:stark The last Empire w/ the Mark III suit, I couldn't even find.:csad:
I tried Books a Million, maybe I gotta do Borders.
Got this issue of Empire today. Its got a great article, with more on the Mandarin's presence in the film. He is said to be "The Emperor to Stanes Darth Vader". There is also a little mention on the Crimson Dyanomo, who was going to be a villain in the film but was later scrapped. Maybe he could be in a sequel then. I would not mind seeing Dynamo, as he is one of my favourite Iron Man villains, and a classic comic book character, but he is, in my opinion, too similar to Iron Monger, and it might seem a wasted opportunity including 2 armored villains in the films when other, more different villains, could have been included.
I thought it was confirmed that he absolutely had no presence in the film!
Who plays him I wonder...

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