World Iron Spidey...before iron spidey?

Matt Murdock

Jun 29, 2005
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i was surfing the web and stumbled onto this:

it looks kinda like iron spidey, doesnt it?

this one does too

these are ideas that bagley had... in the middle of the clone saga...for reily's costume.
It kinda looks like its hosted by Angelfire.Also you mispelled because in your sig.
dont know what the pic is, but there was a costume he wore for one issue back in the 90's that was all steel...he called himself the Steel Spider for that one issue :o
Really the suit is really kinda simple in design(does not make it bad). I mean artist were playing a similar suit around all over the place.
yeah i also mentioned this in the official iron spidey topic months ago
What I dont get about the new Iron-Spidey (other than it wouldnt be controversial if it looked the way we want and they wanna make a big fuss about it) is that if it can look like street clothes (or it can be invisible so he can wear street clothes over it without worrying about it being visible underneath) and has been programmed to look like previous designs, then why doesnt spidey just think it to be his classic look all the time? It'd make him look less like Tony's lackey (though for such a smart guy he doesnt seem to recognise what a Gopher Lapdog he is at the moment with all his "Boss" stuff and seemingly absent understanding of anything technical, business, or political. There's not showing Peter Parker side when Spidey, and there's looking and sounding like a dunce 24/7...
at the end of the day, what should it matter what his crime fighting costume looks like, as long as he is recognisable as spider-man and he is able to keep his identity secret.

couldn't the symbiote costume also morph, one could say why didn't he just morph it into the red and blue when he had it on before, the same thing applies.

simple answer is that he simply can't be arsed....



i really like this costume, they should have used it for toxin.
Yep, other peeps have mentioned it b4, but you've shown it pretty clearly for us Spideyssuperfan, (try saying that 3 times in a row while eating a subway sub!)

Actually, strangely enough, Bags' one is far better imo

Jeez, he must've been pissed when he saw the Iron Spidey suit...
yeah i think so too.

these sketches are from the mid 90's. so he must be wicked annoyed at the theft of his sketches.

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