ironman will be 6 inch!

i just realised that the iron man toyline has a potential to be absolutely huge
Can anybody give me details..... I can't see the podcast.... :(
Only details that they gave were that it would be a 6 inch line along with there spiderman figures. Also that the hulk legends wave will be coming out some point next year and that bast is also in wave 4 (although a month behind the rest of them) Ohhh and the 2 pack hydras aint a myth they are about there was a shot of them together
dont know they will prob just give us more villians or release another legends line but i think they have spun the movies as far as they can at the moment without giving us silly things
yeah, i want a spidey comic line. with a decent mary jane and a aunt may
Well the hulk line is confirmed. I figured they'd make them anyway, but I'm glad they confirmed anyway. Can't wait for them.
What about the stat cards a guy mentioned on that link???
the check off lists and such? Think its just a way of ending the where has our comic book questions
the spidey wave they were talking about to me didnt sound like origins or the movie one, it sounds like they were just saying any spidey figs made in 08 will be 6inch... and i'd highly doubt they mean movie figs ;)
Hmmm and that leaves the question if its a spidey wave will it have a baf in it or be along the lines of the classics? And if it has a baf who would it be?
oooo lets see....erm..swarm? someone mentioned him not to long ago, i forgot about him actually. but hes cool
swarm is not baf material...

big wheel
a new rhino

etc.. are though
Id like to see venom as the baf (mac gargan before you say he'd be small )
What about the iron man line do you think we will get a decent mandarin figure out of it

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