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new unleashed figures

I was just gonna say it looks like they've already cut back and put these things down to hasbro Artic.........and what is up with Doc Ock's Sora Shoes?
Ock looks pretty cool. Black Spidey really fails to the awe other Unleashed toys do.
Compared to Unleashed Sandman, or ANY of the Star Wars Unleashed, it looks as if Hasbro said, "How can we follow up after these impressive looking toys? Let's go in the opposite direction!"
i dont like the starwars unleashed b/c they dont move at all do they?
they look rad, ill admit,but i want action figures not statues
No, they don't. But the Unleashed toys are pretty much for display, so less/no articulation never bothered me. It's like you get the amazing look of a statue with out spending $250. Besides, looking at these, a little less articulation might have helped.
I love the SW Unleashed.....like Browny said.....they are like a Statue but way way way cheaper......Also....IG-88 has articulated arms.
ock looks cool, black spidey though looks lame, but his base will be great for ML figs
The base is a cool piece of scenery. I think the thing that bothers me most is his web. Nevermind the fact that there's really nothing "Unleashed" (or "Legendary," for that matter) about him, that web sucks!
it almost looks like a reuse of the 5 inch sm3 web that venom came with
maybe just be a fill-in prob,as i said before im pretty sure these are both protos
Well, the webbing could be a redeeming factor for me. I understand that there is only so little you can do with black spidey (meaning paint job is pretty much one way, while poses make up for it). Cool webbing could make all the difference.
yeah,i like how the black movie spiderman had the web that was adjustable,and the web up in the corner of the ledge was a nice touch

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