Superman Returns Is there a reason the new trailer doesn't play the chorus of the theme?

musclesforsupes said:
He should have only one arm out not two flying over the earth.

Actually I saw this the other way around, that Routh's Superman has 2 arms to symbolize his own interpretation of Supes.
Gamma Ray said:
It's insane how much better the effects have become.
yeah i agree.
but it is still pretty amazing what they did in the fits movie :up::)
ROBOCOP CPU001 said:
very true..just wish Routh would have lowerd his left arm for the turn.
i like it how it is. the scene already looks like a 100% copy of the reeve shot. i know where you all are coming from. and i understand it. but you can not copy this stuff after so many years. we would come nowhere if they would not do something new.

i stilll think that brandon should have hes own last scene.
Kevin Roegele said:
Try listening instead of watching. It's not there.
People tend to confuse the intro/verse part with the actual chorus. They're both very prominent in the composition.
Yah, that irked me when they cut out like that. I was thinking "Here it comes! Here it cmes!" then it stops.

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