Is X-Men the most grown up comic book movie series?

Series? maybe

but if you count movies that aren't series, than ABSOLUTELY NOT

Road to Perdition
American Splendor
Ghost World
A History of Violence

these are all far more "grown up" movies based on comics than one about a bunch of people in leather suits with special powers that teenagers think are "Cool", regardless of whatever messages is packed with it
Nell2ThaIzzay said:
And I think it stems from the X-Men probably being one of the more grown up comics as well.

Nell, have you ever read a comic that doesn't have the Marvel or DC logo on it?
I think those would be more mainstream.. and of course the fascination of kids with super powers is there (because they like anything shiny lol) but imo I see these as supernatural or a plot that is.. out of the ordinary. Not immature... however it all depends on execution as well. People believe in some strange things.. i enjoy a film that creates a world of "what ifs" effectively.
well, you gotta understand, superheroes are, in and of themselves, as a concept, a juvenile power fantasy. No matter how many important messages you tell through them, or subtle thematic undertones, you can never get away from the fact that you're looking at people who dress up in funny costumes and don't answer to anybody.

I'm not saying they're inherently bad, god knows I love some superheroes because they're entertaining, but they are, by very definition, immature.
Abaddon said:
what about Punisher?:o
The movie was SUPPOSED to feel adult, but the final result was far from that.
Elijya said:
I'm not saying they're inherently bad, god knows I love some superheroes because they're entertaining, but they are, by very definition, immature.
I disagree. I think films such as these have potential to give entertainment and good legitimate film at the same time. If its not immature to believe in the "other side", i see no reason why it would be immature for these types of fiction films.
Do you think a superhero film could ever achieve the emotional impact of, say, Schindler's List? American Beauty? American History X? The subtle nuances of a movie like American Psycho?
Well, no and thats because people are utmost connected with something thats right in front of them and 100% common perceived reality true.
what? I'm sorry, please restate that
Most people like things that arent out of the ordinary that they feel 100% comfortable to relate with on a 100% raw level. Fiction films are so abstract that they cant relate on that level. However this doesnt mean the art of the "what if" and making it as convincing as possible is worthless imo.
American History X is a fiction, but it's a damn site more relatable then X-Men
Well, i think some folks will get it more than others... i personally have been brought up to believe lots of supernatural things (religious stuff, not a believer tho). I think those types really know and appreciate the magic touch of how to make these types of films very convincing.
Ghost World
American Splendor
Batman Begins

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