It's that time of year again, American Idol Season 12.


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Apr 20, 2004
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Out of the 3 new judges this year, which is your favorite between Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj & Keith Urban? I say a majority would pick Mariah Carey for sure.

Fox has confirmed American Idol will end following the conclusion of Season 15, which starts in January, 2016. The network has revealed host Ryan Seacrest and judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. will all be back for the "season-long celebratory event".
Though it may seem surprising to some given the huge impact the show has had on popular culture, the writing's been on the wall for some time. At its peak back in the good old days, the show would grip families across America, but the last two seasons saw numbers fall beneath 15 million for the first time.
This year in particular saw American Idol fall to a new low with a 1.4 rating in the demo, pulling in around 9 million viewers.
There's no word on who will appear on the final season to guarantee a worthy send-off but, with Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood amongst its alums, it's sure to be pretty star-studded. The current season of American Idol ends this week.
I've watched American Idol since Season 2, and though I much prefer it to The Voice, I can't say I've been too excited about any of the contestants the last 2 seasons. Maybe they can bring Stephen Tyler back in the final season so he can give the exact same comments to each contestant. (1st season, "that was beautiful". 2nd season, "that was over the top".)
I was surprised to see that we had an AI thread, then I saw it was just a bumped one that no one ever commented in.
Personally I am surprised they didn't decide to make it a Summer replacement show before cancelling it(but who knows maybe they want to milk the last season for all it's worth and we will see it being a Summer Replacement show some time down the line).

As for the show itself I used to love the bad auditions and would start tuning out when once Hollywood week was over. It seems like a few years ago they stopped showing bad auditions so I stopped watching completely. I am guessing the competition from the Voice sort of made American Idol want itself to look more legit with only good auditions but those bad auditions were the best part of the show
They whittled down the bad auditions, but only did away with them altogether for one season, which I think was the previous season. I used to fill out surveys, and I would keep bringing that up in the comments section. This season I was happy to see the return of the bad auditions.
Finally watched the results of Season 14. Most boring final 2 since the country bumpkins of Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alena (sp?). And the winner was the guy who's eyebrows go psycho when he sings. They should get their own record deal! This show has gotten so bad, the winners will have the same type of career that The Voice contestants do, i.e. NONE.

But yeah, this show has definitely run its course. Don't expect a whole lot from the final season.

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