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Full list of writers strike affected shows

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King Littlefinger
Jul 4, 2005
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The writers' strike will take an immediate toll on television viewers' favorite programs, dealing a setback to shows that are written day-to-day -- such as Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" -- as well as scripted programming already underway or about to go into production.

Soap operas are expected to be the first to disappear since many can write only one month ahead and most have episodes to last them only until the end of the year. But during the 1988 strike, producers wrote in place of striking writers, and soaps stayed on the air.

Prime-time scripted series have episodes through mid-January or early February, depending on how many reruns they space out in the next few months. Unscripted shows -- such as "Survivor," "The Amazing Race," and, when it returns in January, "American Idol" -- would continue uninterrupted.

Here's a look at where many shows stand:

ABC - Says its soaps are written "well into the new year," however, and that they will "continue to produce original programming with no repeats and without interruption."
CBS - Expected to continue through February.
NBC ("Days of Our Lives") - Expected to continue through January.

Syndicated Shows

"Ellen"- Decided not to tape her show Monday in support of the striking writers. Some writers on her show are guild members. Monday's and Tuesday's shows were taped last week, a spokesman said. DeGeneres has yet to decide whether to go ahead with further shows this week.

Late Night
"Colbert Report,"
"The Daily Show" and
"Saturday Night Live"
"The Tonight Show" and
"The Conan O'Brien Show" - Will go into repeats immediately.
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Staffed with WGA writers, so it would probably go to repeats. But Kimmel could also decide to wing it and do the show himself.
"Nightline"-Will remain live and in originals.

"Desperate Housewives"- Has nine episodes written, which should last through the first week of December.
"Grey's Anatomy"-13 episodes of 23 episodes written, 11 of which have been shot and six have aired. This means there are five more episodes in the can.
"Boston Legal" - Will have 14 or 15 of 22 episodes completed.
"Lost" - Expected to have eight out of 16 episodes ready. Midseason, none have aired yet
"Cavemen"- Expected to have 12 out of 13 episodes completed; has not received an order for a full season.
"Men in Trees"-Has five episodes left over from last season, 10 new episodes shot, four more scripts to shoot; adds up to 19 out of 27 for the season.
"Cashmere Mafia"-The premiere has been delayed because of the strike.
"The View"-Will continue uninterrupted, according to a spokesman.
"Dirty Sexy Money"-Expected have between 11 and 13 episodes completed.
"Brothers & Sisters"-Expected to have either 11 or 12 episodes completed.
"Eli Stone"-Will have 13 of 13 ordered. Midseason premiere date is undetermined.


"CSI: Miami" - Will have 13 out of 24 episodes completed.
"Criminal Minds"-Will have 12 of 22 episodes completed.
"Moonlight"-Expected to have 11 out of 12 episodes completed; has not received an order for a full season.
"Cane"-Expected to complete all 13 episodes; has not yet received an order for a full season.
"Jericho"-Will have seven of seven episodes.

"My Name is Earl"-Has 13 out of 13 episodes completed.
"Medium"-Will have nine of 22 episodes completed.
"30 Rock"-Has nine out of 22 episodes completed, with several days of shooting for the 10th episode scheduled for this week.
"Friday Night Lights"-Expected to complete 15 of 22 episodes.
"Scrubs"-Expected to complete 12 of 18 episodes.
"Journeyman"-Expected to complete 13 of 13 episodes; has not yet received an order for a full season.

"Everybody Hates Chris" -Expected to complete 22 of 22 episodes.
"Gossip Girl" -Expected to complete 13 of 22 episodes.
"Supernatural" -Has 10-12 episodes completed;
"America's Next Top Model,"
"Beauty and the Geek"
- and new shows such as "Crowned" (the mother-daughter beauty contest) Three of a number of reality shows that have already been ordered up, meaning they are covered for the rest of the season

"24" - Will have eight or nine out of 24 episodes completed. Midseason, none have aired yet.
"Back to You" -Will have nine episodes completed out of 24 total episodes ordered.
"K-Ville"-Will have 10 of 13 episodes completed.

"In Plain Sight"-New show, episodes are nearly wrapped
"Psych" and "Monk"-Enough scripts in hand to guarantee a full second half of each season
"Law and Order: Criminal Intent"-Enough for first half of the season (10); the second half (12) will be affected (meaning not enough scripts to guarantee production start as scheduled.)
"Burn Notice"-Scheduled to start production of Season 2 in January
"Starter Wife"-Scheduled to start production in March

"Stargate Atlantis" - Expected to go on as scheduled.
"Battlestar Galactica"-Has 10 hours of episodes, plus a two hour movie to air this Fall.
"Eureka"-Will be affected.

"Thirty Days"-Completed, not expected to be affected.
"Nip/Tuck"-5th season, the 22 episodes were planned for two cycles: 14 to run from now to February and eight next year. All 14 in the first cycle have been written. So, only the second cycle could be affected.
"The Shield"-The final season is written, no date set for airing.
"The Riches" -Seven of 13 are written, reportedly good through Dec. 10
"Dirt" -Production is underway, and it could be affected.
"Rescue Me"-fifth season, just announced, would be affected since production is expected to start in early '08.
"Damages"-No word yet on whether it would be picked up

"Entourage" and
"Big Love" -Are currently in the writing stages and were scheduled to air in the summer of 2008.
"True Blood" and
"12 Miles of Bad Road" -Have begun production.
"The Wire" -Completed and will air as scheduled.
"In Treatment" -New series will air as scheduled.

"Dexter," "Weeds,"
"Brotherhood" -Have ended or will be ending their season runs.
"The Tudors" -Second season returns in late March, completed production Nov. 1 on 12 episodes.
A new Tracey Ullman series -Five-episode series is shot.
Chuck might be affected on NBC too...

"The writers’ strike in The USA over the issue of Broadband and Internet profits has been given the go-ahead and “Chuck” could come to a complete halt! Read this:

It’s also a grim story for new series, as evidenced by Chuck and Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz, whose two new shows have been gaining both momentum and buzz and now must come to a screeching halt. Sources have told me Gossip Girl lost a cover of Entertainment Weekly because of the strike (it might not be on the air when the cover would hit stands) and that Chuck will not receive news of a full-season pickup until after the strike is over. “I support the guild,” Schwartz told me. “But it’s unfortunate for everyone, all the way around.”

The good news is that these strikes may last for only 5 days, the bad news is that it may carry on for 22 weeks like the last writers’ strike in 1988.

Lets hope that the strike ends soon and that the writers’ such as Josh Schwartz can get back to work to produce our favourite show, Chuck."
Atleast the Shield was already written. That was all I was concerned about. I can't believe the writers of Cavemen even have the nerve to strike. Why not just kill themselves?
So, wait. Pushing Daisies is safe? That is so awesome.
Didn't see Heroes or Smallville or Prison Break on that list? Are they safe?
It's funny how every list I see just lets me know how little I watch TV nowadays, as I don't recognize most of the shows on them. (This is coming from someone who used to think "how can someone just NOT watch TV?".)

This still sucks for the fans of those shows, and I hope everything is worked out soon. (For the record, I feel writers in Hollywood are terribly underpaid, especially for doing such an essential job.)
I read an article earlier that because of the strike, Lost may be held off until next fall or even until February of '09.
Rats, I don't watch much tv but what little I do will be affected. :( Meh .. maybe it will be good. Maybe we'll all get a lot more done. :up:
****. Scrubs better get episodes 13-18 done before cancellation.

That is the only one that pisses me off, because I can live without John Stewart and Colbert and the rest I don't really care about. I'm sure things will be solved in time for Entourage and Big Love to stay on track.

Still sorry about the rest though.
This isn't a good list. There's a better list out there that shows which ones rae going to be effected and whicn ones arn't. I'll try and find it.
if nip/tuck gets the stick at the new year!!

Heroes will end on epi 11, Go check out the Heroes area for more info on that.

Smallville will end on a cliffhanger in episode 15, again see the Smallville area for more info on that.

Any news on 'The Unit'?:huh:

Wonder if CBS will show any of the first season of Jericho in place of some of the lost shows, then show the new Seven epi season 2?
The Unit has been pulled, which sucks. This season has been doin gkiller.
****. Scrubs better get episodes 13-18 done before cancellation.

That is the only one that pisses me off, because I can live without John Stewart and Colbert and the rest I don't really care about. I'm sure things will be solved in time for Entourage and Big Love to stay on track.

Still sorry about the rest though.

agreed. its the FINAL season. and theyre gonna pull this s***. finish the damn season, esp since its the FINAL SEASON.... if we have to catch the ending to this in DVD im gonna be pissed.
Any know how the strike affects South Park?
I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel that much, but if he starts "winging it" I might tune in to see how that turns out for him.
Pulled? as in kept back till the strike is over?
Heroes is still affected though, right, so shouldn't it be on the list?
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