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The Dark Knight Joker Merch already?!


Nov 26, 2007
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Yep. I just bought a shirt with the first official Joker pic at Hot Topic. Pretty killer. Can't wait for all the people at school to ask who the hell it is. Anyone seen these yet?
Hot Topic has to ruin everything, doesn't it? :whatever:

No offense to anyone that... ya know.. likes Hot Topic or anything. But still :whatever:
yeah...i don't want hot topic kids wearin joker shirts. it kind of sullies the whole thing =\ also no offense...i guess.
My guess is he will never post on SHH under that account again.

yay we get a picture :)
Here's mine. Bought it an hour ago. Nothing that special but a must for us fanboys.
wow, what an ugly shirt... his head is cut off o_O
Man, I hate the fact that it cuts off at the top of his forehead like that.

Looks so cheap and ugly.
I'm buying that. What does the tag say? Is it official from WB?

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