Jon Chu Directing G.I. Joe 3

I'm cool with this as I enjoyed G.I. Joe 2.
Eh, I wish they hired someone better.

Retaliation wasn't an improvement from The Rise of Cobra.
Will they actually address that London got wiped off the ****ing planet and they did nothing to stop it?
Because I mean they had a guy right there that could've stopped it, and instead they condemned millions to death.
Retaliation is good but the franchise need to be more recognized like transformers.
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What's weird is, domestically, Retaliation did even less than the first movie. And yet people say the Rock like resurrected the franchise.
Yeah but they didn't have the same recognition like transformers did i mean gi joe and transformers both are made by the same company if Michael bay adapted the joes in theaters maybe but transformers was chosen.
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I'd like for there to be more of a mix of tone between the two movies for the 3rd. And bring back some characters from the first.
I heard he's making he-man movie my vote would be peter Jackson they could make he-man like lord of the rings movies
As long as Rachel Nichols plays her again. I really liked her in the first 1.
But all the Joes were dead and her absence is never explained or referenced.

Also, will anyone actually care that the Joes ****ing failed to save London? Seriously, LONDON IS GONE FOLKS! COBRA freaking erased it in the last movie and no one batted an eyelash.
Chu did mention recently that he is thinking about bringing back Scarlett, especially since her relationship with Snake-Eyes were crucial to his character.
Would have loved to see this

Rather have Chu stay on this than go to MOTU and ruin that as well.
Would have loved to see this


Oh man that would've been great.

Anyway what I didn't like about retaliation is that they killed off two major villains. I was hoping to one day see the whole cobra team together. Destro, firefly, cobra commander, zartan, storm shadow, and the baroness

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