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Mar 14, 2005
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What if Atheon was successful but only through control and manipulation...

The goal in experimenting with banners research is to create a man that can ehal himself and has increased reflexes ect ect....basicly a Wolverine type sodgier.

What if After many failed tests..that of course take place prior to the 2nd movie the success is a man that is hit with gama radiation and prevented from changing into some horrible out of control monster by harnessing him in a suit.

What kind of suit.... a battle suite of sorts or what is reffered to in Japanease anime as a 'hard suit' it was used in the Movie Spriggan.

It wouldn't be Bulky Armor so much as it would be thin made out of some kind of unusual material.

This man... remain a man for part of the movie and when he first fights the Hulk it gives us our Hulk vs Woverine/Spiderman sceanario.

The man would have increased Streangth and increadible reflexes... partialy aided by the nature of the suit... so he could dart around and attack the Hulk with his adgility. Imagine this normal looking guy (muscular granted but not a huge mutant) darting about boxing the Hulks ears and then getting out of the way..infuriating the Hulk with his adgility and ability to fight inside because the Hulk uses broader strokes when fighting

eventualy of course the man gets caught with a barage of attacks from the Hulk that destroys the suit and in turn unleashes what becomes refered to as the Abominaion of Man
Intresting idea. I thought Atheon would be the ones to try to recreate David's experiments on test subjects and Bruce's gammasphere to heal soldiers.
I liked my idea that Leader was really running Atheon. And he uses David's research and left behind notes and other stuff from his house to recreate the process and that gives us Abomination. Before using it on himself(becoming revealed as Leader before the end of the movie). Would give Gen Ross something to do investigating inconsistencies and also on what was driving Talbot's drive for genetic material, tying it into the first film(how he said alot of powerful men want in on this). And tie other parts of the film's together. Like the swat guys raiding David's house(which would be how Leader gets the information).
Since this is an idea thread.
Another one I thought was Abomination terrorizing cities and pretending to be Hulk(since they are loosely similar, most people would assume them to be the same monster), creating a huge public hatred/fear of Hulk. Forcing Bruce to return to the U.S.(Atheon/Abom's goal) to stop the destruction/clear his name. :) Gives us a nice setup for a big fight between the two in a downtown city center. Imagine the destruction of that fight. :o :up:
Also Ross is searching for the Spy (Emil) inside the Atheon base.
But in my idea Emil dosen't know Banner is still alive.
Dr. Leonard Samson, Samuel Sterns, and Emil Blonsky head a team that builds the cathexis ray projector hopping that would drain off gamma energy from the Hulk. The result of this process, Banner would be cured of the Hulk. The cathexis ray almost succeeds in draining the gamma energy from Banner. Only the excess gamma radiation within the cathexis ray projector was more then the ray could contain. The ray explodes irradiating Samuel Sterns, Emil Blonsky, and Leonard Samson changing all three men in the process.
The result; the three men are transformed- Sampson into a massively muscled, green-haired superhuman with boosted strength.
Emil Blonsky because he was the closest one to the ray had a more concentrated and intense dosage of gamma radiation. Blonsky had some unknown genetic factor making the radiation have an immediate mutagenic effect upon Blonsky, transforming him into the monster, the Abomination.
Samuel Sterns was the farthest one away from the blast and survived, apparently unharmed until several day after Sterns' gamma-induced mutation completed itself: his brain and skull enlarged to five times their former volume, and his skin turned a shade of green.
cool if theres lots of them plus abomination.
ang_hulk said:
cool if theres lots of them plus abomination.
abomination would be in the movie alot he would be used by the Leader as a way of getting the hulk, only to have it backfire on him.

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