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Justice League of America #1


Dec 6, 2004
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Hey guys, I want to share something amazing that happened to me today! (October 20, 2012)

So a Co-Worker asked me if I would be interested in a couple of long boxes of Superman and some random comics. I told him yeah bring to work and I would pick them up. So I show up and there he is with 5 long boxes of packed full of comics.
I thanked him asked him how much he wanted he told me nothing I was doing him a favor by taking them. So I thanked him again and drove to my friends house.

We each grabbed a long box and started digging through to see what I got everything was already bagged and boarded. What I found was speechless. I started going through my second long box when I came across Justice League of America #1 from 1960 (first printing and 1st issue ever of the JLA) I was like wow, its in pretty rough shape, still has the cover and in one piece still attached. So I look some more and find Justice League of America # 3 and #5. I'm going to take some pictures of the 3 issues and post them later.

I was completely shocked when I pulled those 3 issues out of the boxes. I honestly had shiver go down my spine and I said to my best friend that I'm holding and own a piece of history, I have never thought that I would hold let alone own those issues.

We also pulled out 3 different issues of Kingdom Come signed by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Sealed Black bag of Superman #75, 2 sealed white bags of Superman #500. First printing in good condition Death of Superman issue. 2 1963 issues of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. 1 issue of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (The cover is Superman standing in a desert holding a pitcher of water while Jimmy and Aquaman are dying). 4 issues of Strange Tales from the 1960s featuring The Human Torch and a few of them with Doctor Strange. *Edit* I looked again to see what issues of Strange Tales I have I have issues #110 (1st appearance of Dr. Strange), #115, #121, #122. All of the comics that I got today are 1st printings so I'm really excited.

So all in all I was in like geek heaven. Thanks for letting me share this and reading this.

Green Lantern 248
Why make two threads on the same subject?
Guess he was very excited. Hey, I'd be all gleeful if I managed to stumble upon Detective Comics #27 or Fantastic Four#1.
The JLA first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28 which was in 1960, they didn't get their own title until later in the year.


Cool find anyway, I hope you come through with the photos.

Edit: depending on the condition of JLA #1 you might be looking at $1000. If it is in bad condition it will be a lot closer to $100.

As a collector I recommend holding onto it no matter what condition it is in, it is always nice to have an #1.
Thats great news man. I would have been just as happy as you were had i found those in a free box lol. So i dont see a problem with having a thread. Did you find anything else interesting in it?
Yeah, like I said above the Lois Lane issues, Strange Tales, Jimmy Olsen issue, the signed Kingdom Come issues, about 25 issues of the original Ninja Turtles one of them signed by Eastman, Action Comics Weekly featuring Green Lantern issue 602 is where Katma gets slaughtered by Star Sapphire. The complete run of Reign of The Supermen,

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