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Jul 16, 2002
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Which show do you like better? Justice League has better animation, but I still prefer Superfriends even though they had a lot of lame asses like The Wonder Twins and their monkey, and Wendy, Marvin and wonder dog.
I voted for Justice League, because the stories are better, and the animation is better, but there's no way the Justice League is going to be the Superfriends theme song.
While I voted for Justice League this is like comparing apples and oranges. The cartoons are guided by the times, they had to include a comic relief to get parents to let children watch such animated violence. Now a days I'mn surprised we don't have people getting killed graphically on cartoons.

Oh wait I forgot about Aname' oh well i still dig it!

Well that doesn't explain warner bros cartoons or tom and jerry which was very violent. If anything Superfriends would be more suited for today's cartoons. I loved it as a kid but let's face it, it was lame. All one has to do is compare the early 80's Superfriends to such up and coming cartoons like Spiderman and his amazing friends and Transformers to tell the difference.
Juatice League, hands down. Superfriends was cool when I was 7, but watching the reruns now is torture. :p
Superfriends sucked! Justice League even did a fairly good remake of the horrible "Ape City" Superfriends storyline.

-Major Tom
Originally posted by Onimar Synn
Juatice League, hands down. Superfriends was cool when I was 7, but watching the reruns now is torture. :p

I second that
although wonder woman still looked hot back then :D
Justice League. Better Name. Better Characters. Better Stories. Better Personalities.

Aquaman isnt a wimp. GL is Stewart (best GL ive seen). Flash has the good wise cracker personality. Superman isnt a boy scout. Batman isnt agreeable. Hawkgirl is a tomboy. Wonder Woman is tougher. Manhunter is in it and awesome.
Oh justice league by far! It is so much more mature! Superfriends is great, but sometimes it's nice to see something with a believable plot!
JLA all the way. But let's not forget the Superfriends for it led the way to many other projects such as the SuperPowers Team. remember eh??

Firestorm ..Cyborge. Those were good stories because Darkseid finally came out.

I say we need a new cartoon channel to air all the old Saturday morning shows from when we were young. Hopefully I would not feel too pukey before it's all over.
superfreinds did have cool music though. that shoooomping chinging sound inbetween scenes with the flashing stars...

justice league's intro aint too shabby either!
I will say JL, its better in everyway except Hawkgirl, man i hate her.
Originally posted by Doomed_hero
I will say JL, its better in everyway except Hawkgirl, man i hate her.

yea, it shoulda been hawkman and 9 members instead of 7. Add another female hero and a male.
While I admit that I am still a huge Superfriends fan, I prefer the Justice League better. I'm not going to crack on the old Superfriends cartoons because I really enjoyed them as a child. That cartoon was the reason I got into comic book heroes in the first place. I still watch Challenge of the Superfriends, Legendary Superpowers, and Galactic Guardians when they come on Cartoon Network. They were a bit cheesy but they are still fun to watch just for a bit of nostalgia.
lets see ill take batman for instance. Oh no i'm traped in a net. Must use gay anti cutting mechanism now show me your legs that are naked robin.

jl approach. batman again in same scenario. batman having the life beat out of him gets tied up. Then talks to the 2 villians saying he doesnt respect you and he wants more money. The 2 villains fight while he carefully take out a pocket knife and escapes.
Justice League trumps the Superfriends in every way. It's reflective of the times, though. Cartoons weren't expected to do anything other than provide short bursts of entertainment back in the '80s. There was no subtext, there was no plot or character development. Just small, self-contained, 30-minute blocks of adults trying to entertain kids with familiar characters. The whole game has changed today, thanks in no small part to shows like JL and Batman: TAS. All things considered, I'm glad I was still in diapers when the Superfriends were on. Better left in the past.

However, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends kicks ass to this very day. ;)
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy watching an OCCASIONAL episode of the superfriends, but no more than that!

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