Justice League: Utopia/Doomsday

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    This is a Justice League (DC Comics) fan-fic about general vigilantism.


    As the Justice League prepared to take their much-needed vacation to Switzerland in the summer of 2018, two JLA members (Wonder Woman and Batman) began writing memoirs about their experiences fighting crime. Wonder Woman's memoir was an account of Utopian vision, while Batman's memoir was more a recollection of the reality of evil and the presence of Doomsday. The two memoirs were very different...

    "As Wonder Woman, I thought greatly about the scope and power of heroism and the reach of Utopia in modern civilization. I dreamt that governance could be tempered by considerations of liberty and teamwork and terrorism could be overcome by the sheer force of optimism. When Batman (my ex-husband) caught me cheating on him with Green Arrow (another member of the JLA), we all realized our Utopian daydream was very humbled. We were merely diplomats of the flesh, not poets of the spirit. However, I held onto my Utopian vision as if it was sacred.

    America has tremendous potential and that's what vigilantism and heroism are all about! We JLA members wanted to create heaven on Earth, and we defied the notion that terrorism was a 'real shadow' on the surface of God's imagination. We cared deeply about Utopia and we thought much about the value of American democracy. After all, democracy creates feelings of wondrous idealism towards social activity and participant politics. Yes, the JLA continued to daydream about Utopia and why a perfect world should at least be conceivable." ---WONDER WOMAN

    "When I witnessed my parents' murder in Gotham City, I decided to become an avenger. As Batman, I prowl the American landscape looking for insanity and evil. As Bruce Wayne, socialite and head of Wayne Industries, I look to enhance and ornament various socially-beneficial commercial contracts designed to forge peace and industriousness in the modern city. I agree with Wonder Woman that Utopia is very nice, but I disagree about the quality and presence of evil. To me, Utopia is simply an idea, but the real world is one of Doomsday, not paradise or heaven.

    When I caught Wonder Woman (my ex-wife) cheating on me with fellow JLA member Green Arrow, I knew that even the JLA was susceptible to the cries of the flesh and that we might be just as susceptible to evil as our vile nemeses including Poison Ivy (an eco-terrorist), Toyman (an explosives 'expert'), and Nuclear Man (a radioactive abomination). The JLA was merely a 'pep squad' devoted to ideals of justice to be sure, but also vulnerable to the seduction of evil. When Poison Ivy tried to drop chemical bombs into the Gotham Zoo, we all realized that terrorism was simply a natural 'extension' of civil activities (e.g., safaris, shopping, computing, education, communism, etc.). Vigilantism is about patience (not daydreams)." ---BATMAN


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    I don't understand exactly what this is getting at?

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