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Justice League vs Avengers concept art


Mar 13, 2006
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I am thinking of doing a fan comic of Justice League and Avengers. Not sure if anyone wants one anyway.


Thats Batman obviously. Tried to mix Justice League Batman (from tv), comics, and Batman Begins to make him look some-what scary.

The leader of the New Avengers. I don't like how this one turned out that well but its ok since I haven't drew Captain America in years.

More coming soon. Comments, suggestions, and ratings greatly appreciated!
I'd still work on line quality and anatomy. Your Batman look off in terms of his arms to his body and the size of his head. There are a number of sites online to help with anatomy. Try this one here. That is a full book in which you can click on the thumbnails for full length pages from the book. I'd look at the relevent sections on building a proportionate body here and the next few pages. There are also sections on muscles and proper value and form. Scan through all of them to get acquainted with it to help with drawing the human body to scale.

Are you still drawing with a mouse? It may help to scan in hand drawn line work because the mouse is less intuitive.

You're off to a good start, keep drawing.
Thanks for link, I took a look at them. Good advice.

Heres Spiderwoman.


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