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Kaiyodo's New Line For 2008 - Assemble Borg

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Dec 16, 2003
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Assemble Borg article



this board seems to have very narrow interests. If it's not ML, DC or Transformers nobody cares.
You might try and drum up interest in Japanese figures that aren't super wierd like these mugenbine bots.
this board seems to have very narrow interests. If it's not ML, DC or Transformers nobody cares.
Just cause no is interested in your "assemble borg", doesn't mean we have very narrow interests. i can only speak for myself. but i just don't care about theses
this board seems to have very narrow interests. If it's not ML, DC or Transformers nobody cares.

Well, the site is called "Super Hero Hype." In all fairness, DC and Marvel pretty much dominate the "super Hero" category. Transformers more of an added bonus thing.

I suppose these look kinda cool though. If they're well articulated, I'm sure they'd be cool toys.
Takara's Microman looks better. Especially the Superman/Supergirl and Batman Batgirl stuff they've done using the newer microman bodies. Now I want them. :csad:
I woulnd't say Narrowed Interests....I would say out interest on a whole are Narrowed down to superhero figs...but as browncoat said......it's super hero Hype.....

but there are other interests....Transformers, Gijoe.....Wrestling figs are big with some of us....Cult Classics.....I get lost figs.....Muppets .....

there are bunches
Why do you think my thread is by far one of the only diverse ones here?
Becauase you stive so hard to prove to us how japanese you are?
Ok, so what scale are these figs? If it's 6", I might be interested.
the vehicles are cool... but other then that kinda lame...

and our interests arn't low, we just typically get figures of what we are fans of...

not random stuff
Some of us have so many interests that it seems random, but trust me, we're focused.
I LIVE in Japan and have no idea what these are.
Are these the final paint schemes? It looks like they'd be great as far as articulation goes, but this one-color thing screams "quick buck."
I read the article, basicaly an even more customizable version of Stikfas or Xevoz. Kinda cool, but I still don't know what scale they are. Since I only collect 6" scale figs, if these are to big or to small, I won't get them.

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