Kengo Zero!

No it won't, trust me. A near bankrupt company doesn't deal with skyrocketing next gen development costs by limiting it's market.
Sony probably gave them alot of cash to keep it exclusive. It's a system seller in Japan. They'll need alot.
That isn't how the industry works, companies don't pay one another off, in spite of what you may hear from fanboys on the internet. Sega will be putting games onto anything that can run them.
I think they would have announced it by now. Not to pop your bubble but VF5360 is just a big pipe dream that's going to get clogged up and blow up.

Sega are Sony-****es. Big sellouts and they'll keep their best stuff for them, VF5 included.

As for Full Auto can see throught the ground in screenshots so I won't put much hope in that.
Sega gave a ton of exclusives to Microsoft in the hopes that this business model would work (it didn't), and even came close to selling themselves to it in 2002, they aren't "Sony ****es". And the lack of announcement doesn't mean much, there hasn't been a 360 Assassin's Creed announcement either, but that's assumed by just about everyone to be coming.
Assassin's Creed was announced for XBox360 first. We all know it's coming, Ubi was probably paid to keep it underwraps by Sony.

But VF5 is different. I'll eat a toenail if it comes out on the 360.
Gammy79 said:
Now that I think of it...

If Sonic is coming to the 360, why not VF? :confused:
Because VF fans are on Sony consoles and VF only sell well in Japan.

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