It sounds superbly brilliant.

I'm not as amazed as he is, but I am amazed that it hasn't been done before... I had an idea similar, but for some reason the 'don't give him any powers' thing didn't hit me. Wow.
Sounds like a decent idea, but Millar's pretty much guaranteed to make it suck. :up:
It's only a miniseries. It probably took him a weekend to knock it out. :)
alll i get from the link is a blue page what kick ass about?
Will be checking this out.They were great on Wolvie,this should be fun.

Kind of related,but minutes ago the Rama posted a news article showcasing even more HITCH FF art which went all the way up to issue #562,8 issues ahead of their debut issue.

The article has been pulled though,I think someone at Marvel forgot that the pages contained spoilers about the future of some characters,specifically the Hulk.

There was a Hulk looking fellow wearing glasses and working on some machine.
Hope this doesn't end up as another "Snakes on the Plane" fiasco.
This is going to be cool. I can't wait.

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