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Kudo Tsunoda joins Microsoft, working on a new Gears of War title.


May 1, 2003
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The move reunites Tsunoda with his former EA Vancouver colleague Don Mattrick, who was hired last year and now runs the entire Xbox business under Entertainment and Devices division boss Robbie Bach.

It was at EA's Vancouver studio that Tsunoda cut his teeth on fighting games (working first on Fight Night 2004). Tsunoda then moved to Chicago from Vancouver to take the reins of EA's new Chicago studio--a renamed NuFX, an independent that had worked closely with EA on the commercially successful fighting game.

At the time EA Chicago was shuttered by Electronic Arts, Tsunoda and his team were working on a fighting game incorporating a bevy of Marvel super heroes.

Tsunoda's hire at Microsoft seems in sync with Mattrick's style. In October, Mattrick lured an even more senior exec from the EA stable--former Tiburon boss and vice president of worldwide studios John Schappert, hired on at Microsoft to run Xbox Live.

Tsunoda takes the title general manager, reporting to Mattrick. His hire is part of a general reporting reorg being implemented by Mattrick, say sources, who also say Tsunoda is project lead on an upcoming Gears of War title.

Its apparently not GoW2 or even GoW3. Its going to be interesting if its a different game set in the universe.
WOOOOO I am bruink!!!

Edit: Ooooooooooh **** you forum timer!!!! ::mad:
I mean, if he's the project lead, the game is not going to be any good. Or at least won't be as good as Gears of War, so it would probably just be a side-project like DLC, or maybe a party game. :(
I think it´s great, it´s a Gears of War....Wars (joke with Halo Wars, for the not so bright out there) style of game, a spin-off.
This guy does fighting games. If anything, he should work on Killer Instinct 3.

I don't know if I like John Mattrick reorganizing things and appointing project leads.
They should have a scene like that in Gears. In order to defeat the jet, you hit a and then methodically pop out and shoot the jet before ducking behind your cover again and repeating the whole process 5 times before it finally goes down.
It would have been more fitting to have it in Half-Life 2, because you'd listen to the only voice actor they have prattle on about stuff that no one cares about before letting you go through the door to shoot down the plane with an electrical gun on a ******ed motorboat.
Killing the choppers in HL2 is amazing fun, even you can't deny this. The part in Episode Two where you shoot the mines back at it = orgasmic.
You wouldn't even let me send you pictures of my ass, and now you want to punch it?
wut r u guys even talkin about you sound liek a bunch of children?

What are you guys even talking about? You sound like a bunch of children.

Go home. Learn how to form a real sentence before telling us WE sound like children.

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