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Take this with a grain of salt, but, EDGE is saying that Gears 3 will be released in April 2011, with a teaser trailer next month (April 8) and the official debut at E3.

Microsoft will launch Gears Of War 3 in early April 2011, a trusted US publishing source has told Edge.

The first teaser trailer for the third person shooter is expected to debut next month on April 8, exactly one year ahead of the game’s pencilled in release date. A full reveal is due at E3 in June.

While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, Gears Of War 3 is currently in development at series creator Epic Games. It will continue the story set out in the first two games, which centres on humankind's battle for survival against the nightmarish Locust Horde.

Gears Of War debuted on Xbox 360 in 2006 and on PC a year later. A follow up was released for Microsoft’s home console in 2008.

We understand that the game could be completed as early as this year, but that Microsoft is keen to release it during a different window to Halo: Reach – rumoured to be launching in September 2010 – and Natal, which is set to arrive this holiday.

“Microsoft’s keen to avoid a clash with Halo: Reach and wants Natal to own Christmas. That’s why we won’t be seeing Gears Of War 3 until next year, but expect a major marketing push ahead of its release,” said our source.

Epic vice president Mark Rein said this week that the developer won’t be releasing a game this year as it has chosen to focus on supporting titles made by customers of its Unreal Engine.

When contacted about this report, Microsoft told us that it "does not comment on rumour and speculation".

It´s almost a certainty that Gears 3 will be announced at E3, which will be the biggest announcement for 2011 on Microsoft´s side, but to release it in April?!
There are games that is just stupid not to be released in the Fall, some come to mind, and Gears of War is one of them.

Now, back in 2006, in an interview with Cliff Bleszinski about Gears, he said it was going to be a trilogy, and they all would be released this gen, on the 360.

My call is, IF the rumor is true, IF Gears 3 is released in April 2011, the next xbox will see the light of day Fall 2011, with the release of Halo 4.

If we think about it, it all makes sense.
That´s why Microsoft keep saying that the 360 will not have Blu-ray, that´s why the pulled the plug on the Natal CPU, that´s why they say they will outsell the PS3 this generation,....
More even, back in 2008, i read that Halo 4 was already in planning stage, would be the return of Master Chief (MC is not in Reach), developed by Gearbox (that´s why people said that MS was going to buy them) and a launch title.
Halo : CE was released in 2001....ten years later, in 2011...Halo 4, it makes sense.

I said this all some months ago, then i begin to think that MS would release an update on the 360 this, i return to my previous theory, IF Gears is released in April 2011, im sure the next Xbox is released next year.
And i imagine, it being a gigantic sucess, selling more than 11 million in 2 months, due to the fact that is a new generation (means of more power than the PS3 and high end PC, of course), blu-ray (or similar), directX 11 and HALO 4 (which alone will sell tons).
So, this year will start the next generation of portables, with the release of the DS2 and PSP2 (wait for it) and in 2011, the home consoles, with Xbox Next (?) and , maybe, Wii 2 (?)

Oh yeah, here´s the link:–-source

The only thing i can´s explain is Mass Effect, due to the fact that, like Bleszinski, they said ME is a trilogy and all of the games would be released this generation... i don´t see that happening, because i don´t see EA releasing ME3 before Fall 2011, the sooner (more even because Dragon Age 2 is said to be released Q1 2011).
Well, guess not everything happens like we want and ME3 will be released next gen...

Of course, i can be wrong in all of it...
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Give me 4 player online co op and I'll be good

I could care less when it comes out
I highly doubt the next Xbox will drop in 2011. Natal is set to drop holiday 2010 and they'll want to carry that with the current Xbox for as long as they can. You aren't going to see another console in 2011.
It´s not that i want it, because what i want is irrelevant.
If the rumor is true, i believe that is exatly what is going to happen (and i´m usually right :o :D)
And it makes sense also because, with the lack of blu-ray, a more powerful CPU and HDD not in every console, the 360 is becaming outdated by the minute.

As for Natal, Natal is a peripheral and it can very well be compatible with the next generation
i am so excited for this game i can't wait till it comes out next year it'd be even better if they announce it this year at E3 using Natal that
A: There won't be any new Xbox in 2011. Unless you count a redesign as a new console, in which case we'll probably see that this year.

B: I'm over Gears of War. I love the gameplay, but I just can't bring myself to care about the fiction.
I've loved Gears since I first saw it an I'm loving how the story is only expanding into new nightmares.
I kinda wanna play this and I kinda don't at the same time.
The game will be another fantastic experience with showpiece graphics and a really exciting campaign. I can't wait for more Horde mode.
therealcliffyb said:
As much as I'd like to start a fight with @justinbieber the truth of the matter is that we wanted to take a couple more days to polish what we're showing. Sorry all, appreciate your patience! Unfortunately, 11th hour decisions do happen in entertainment. (You'll like what you see.)
Polish? What could they possibly polish in three days?
It's official Gears of War 3 comes out April 2011. The announcement just popped up on the spotlight section on the dashboard.
I wonder if that went up mistakenly considering how the Fallon premiere was delayed. It is also the only panel that cant be selected for further details on the spotlight.

I guess those tentacle rumors are probably right too.
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I just saw it. Yeah, it was probably a mistake by someone. Looks like Edge was right about the game being announced on April 8 for an April 2011 release date. They're probably right about the gameplay details (that came from the same source that told them about the announcement and release date) they revealed, as well. You can read them at
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I hope everything is bigger this go round. I want to feel like im part of a war. They did a little better job with that in the last game, but i want to be in some massive battles.
I hope everything is bigger this go round. I want to feel like im part of a war. They did a little better job with that in the last game, but i want to be in some massive battles.


That's what I want as well.
By the way, there is a second game from Epic that going to be announced soon as well.

hile the Xbox Live dashboard spilled the beans on Gears of War 3, according to CVG sources, Epic is also planning to reveal a shooter in development for EA later this month. Sources told CVG that Gears creator Epic Games originally planned on revealing this mysterious new EA shooter next week, only to have the date pushed back due to Cliff Bleszinski's delayed appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. The non-Gears shooter is apparently being developed by Epic Studio People Can Fly, the Polish developers behind the original Painkiller.

EA briefly mentioned the Epic shooter in their Q3 financial results, and the trademark Bulletstorm might indicate what this new game is being called.
If this rumor turns out to be true, then Epic will be zero for two on keeping new game announcements quiet.
April? I'm surprised Microsoft isn't waiting until fall next year to release it. They must have something up their sleeve (hopefully not another Halo, get it 3 years to rest after Reach comes out).
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