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Lana Lang in this DC UNIVERSE. Who would you cast for following movies?


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Feb 20, 2012
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For the things we saw in MOS, Lois is gonna be the love of Supe's life. But what about Lana? We see snippets that indicated that Lana was close to Clark (You know the closest besides Pete eventhought The Kents didn't want to play with other childrens. we saw Pete was a pretty good friend on the scene of bullying after he was saved by Clark) and one of the few that knows his secret. If we can see flashbacks of their childhood or even better their puberty, teenage life along with some scenes on the present involving Clarks-Lana friendship (and we see the feelings Lana has for Clark eventhought Clark loves Lois)
I think it could be interesting for a Supes solo movie and develop the friendship that he had with her and bring more spice to the yet developed Supes-Lois relationship (after BvS and probably JL). And you know a little of jelaous of Lois will be good. :D

We had this girl for Lana, she can come back for the flashback scenes.

Who would you cast for an adult Lana?

What about Ginnifer Goodwin, she was suggested from a pal on other thread.
Ginny... Hmm... I have to think about that.

My vote would go to Michelle Monaghan (Who also could have been a great Lois herself.)
Pics please?

I, umm, can't do that. She's quite the looker and has been in a few films of note including KISS, KISS, BANG, BANG with RDJ and GONE BABY, GONE with Casey Affleck.
Oh she was good in gone baby gone.
The Lana they have in the new 52 is the best version of the character in any medium IMO. She's a smart, good hearted engineer who trots around the globe, going into hot areas and volunteering her expertise.
I can totally see the heroic, globe trotting lana connecting with the superheroic glob trotting CK/superman who also happens to be boy who saved her life back in Smallville. Basically two heroes finding common ground.
What I don't want to see is a love triangle between lana, lois and Clark because that would be cheesy and cliched (the pre-crisis comics milked that story to death).

As for Michelle Monaghan, well she's always been my pick for Lois but I really like her in any role and would welcome her as lana.
With the way things are going, and because Amy Adams said in an interview that she's not into love triangles, I doubt we'll see Lana. But as for casting: Mila Kunis.

No to Mila Kunis, if she is cast I will start watching Only Marvel Movies. :argh:

(Though I'm a DC fan.) :cmad:
Emma Stone. I doubt it will happen because she was in Spiderman, but... I think she fits well.

What about Ginnifer Goodwin, she was suggested from a pal on other thread.

She's pretty much the spitting image of what young Lana from MOS would look like as an adult, but I don't know anything about her acting skills.
i really hope lana isnt in this or JL

she can be in a Superman sequel... i suppose
Michelle Monaghan, seconded.

If Martha Kent in the movie, then I don't see why Lana can't be either.
Michelle Monaghan and Ginnifer Goodwin are both good picks.

Basically anybody who isn't annoying like Kristin Kreuk.
I'm hoping they use lana lang! ... and somehow kill off lois lane :cwink:
I'm hoping they use lana lang! ... and somehow kill off lois lane :cwink:

New someone would mention this crap.

Some people always suggest this as you know alive Lois lane and it no competition so for Supes to be with anyone else shes has to be a gonner. With Lois in the picture it's only one road. :funny: Lana Lang is not need after Clark becomes Superman if she was they would've had a bigger role for her in MOS. So kill of a major character so Supes can go after a minor one? :funny: Lana Lang would be a minor character and she (adult version) hasn't been cast yet and they've begun production.

Amy Adams wouldn't just sign up so they could screw her over.
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I don't really even see Lana Lang being used in these movies. I think her small role in MOS was plenty. Lois is the more important character, and they should focus on Clark/Lois' relationship instead of introducing adult Lana
All I am saying is can you imagine any scenes between Monaghan and Adams as Lois and Lana? And that's not even because I want to see them "fight" over a man. I'm talking about a really dramatic, heart to heart scene. In a future solo film I would so be down with that. And like others have noted, we really don't know what Clark and Lana's relationship was like after leaving home in MOS. For all we know they could have traveled around together for some time before going their separate ways for what ever reason.

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