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law enforcement


Mar 22, 2005
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blade, daredevil, spawn......these are just a few movies that have the super-hero being chased/ shot at by some form of law enforcement....do you believe that The Rider is gonna have to run away from the police? will he be involved in a minor bullets-2-hellfire battle?

would you want to see this happen AGAIN to one of our beloved Heros?

okayyyy.....so, does he run from the police or does he fight back??
Well I just saw the movie yesterday so it's hard to remember
wow, you are too funny......you seemed soooo sure that it was in the movie, i thought you had more information on the subject.

No it is

you should...look around before starting a thread on something most of us already know.
Yeah, this has been talked about before by MSJ. We know there's a cop scene and part of that scene involves GR riding up the side of a building I believe. In addition to this knowledge, we've seen pics during the filming of tonnes of police cars and such.

Also, a big part of Ghost Rider's story is the misunderstanding cops have for him and his way. To leave this out of the movie would be a shame, me thinks.

I just wonder if we'll see the name Badalino anywhere...
when the current hot topic around this board is "counting down to the movie" and posting old issues of Ghost Rider, i thought a fresh discussion could take place.

if you dont want to talk about this, stay out of the thread

not that hard, is it??

and no, i am not going to search for a topic that would be lost and not discussed in another thread.
yes but

you'd know your answer

And don't forget the cops shooting at him while he's doing the Jesus thing on the bike
and why is a frsh discussion about this a bad thing?
why...would we have a new one?

what just people copying their old posts on the matter
like i said, i see no current posts about this. no one is discussing this topic right now.

if anyone has a NEW opinion on this topic they can post here.

damn, it's not like this is the millionth thread about this topic....chill out
how am i being an *******?! all i did was start a thread asking people's opinions on the Police vs Ghost Rider action. i wanted to have a real discussion about this scene and you reply with " yes he is".

okay, so then i asked you a perfectly reasonable question. Your previous reply made it seem like you knew alot about this topic so i asked you a harmless question. the sarcasim was uncalled for. if you want to start trouble go do it somewhere else. if you would like to discuss this topic, please, discuss it. dont attack me and call me an *******!
Chill out guys or I'll have the thread closed, deleted and permanantly removed from your memory through ways I cannot discuss publically.

Zer00... why you little...

Toxin, I think what Zer00 is trying to get across is that new threads about old topics is annoying on most boards, not just the hype. We want more discussions here just as bad as you do however, it's always better when the it's something new to sink your teeth in.

Having said that, it's not a topic that has it's own thread at this time (besides here) and would indeed be hard to find... so, I can understand why you created it.
wow, if it is soooo painful to see this kind of thread created then maybe we should close it. and while your at it, close: Who are Wallow and Abigor? & Happy Birthday Eva...god i could go on and on.

i didnt realize it was so hard to discuss a topic in The Rider's Boards...i expected this kind of reaction from the spiderman 3 or the x3 boards...but not this one.
man toxin it aint usually any trouble in here.we all pretty much get along now 4give and 4get, kiss and make up, whatever yall do and move on. this is a great board lets not ruin it with petty bickerin. we are all gr fans or comics in general so we got somethin in common so everybody be nice!!!!!!!!!lol!
It was an over-reaction and it's not hard to discuss things here. Just wait until the trailer comes out. Wait until the promotion of this movie starts. Then you'll see a discussion board that's hard to discuss upon.

This is why some of us like to point to other threads that the conversation has already been talked about before is found. Others have different personalities and go about pointing it out differently. If you didn't notice, Zer00 is pretty abrupt in all his posts. That's him. Don't take it seriously.

Everyone should prepare themselves for a crazy amount of different personalities in the coming months... and an insane amount of double posts.

And you're right, there are tonnes of threads that could be merged or closed. I'm sure if we had a dedicated mod here, it would have been done by now. I keep in contact with a few sending them suggestions of merges and what not. The ones you mentioned were suggested.
i know it is going to get bad, i have been around these boards wayyy back when the biggest topic is who the green goblin is going to look like. however, as you pointed out: there was no thread on this issue. it might have been discuss somewhere else, thats fine. then please point me to there and not flame the hell out of me.

anyway, like i said, this thread is lost, merge it or shut it down
Well, a conversation came about out of it so, I think it's not a total loss.

And you shouldn't consider our comments as flames.
if that is how this is being looked at then more than HALF of the threads in here need to be merged with the FAQ thread. here are some:

Who are Wallow and Abigor?
So what Rating are they looking for?
Test your Ghost Rider knowledge. ( what this has to do with the movie, i will never know...this could have went into a whole 'nother board)
Will Hell be shown? (yeah, i know it is one of mine, and if we are following this train of thought then yes, it should be moved)
hello everybody
Flame Bits (why was this ever created??)
Fight Scenes??
Uh oh a new member (this thread was created because he is a new member and you all shouted nothing but praise to him)
Happy Birthday Eva

THERE IS NOTHING NEW HAPPENING HERE! this was the first thread about this issue, not like the other trailer threads out there. i know what you guys mean, i do understand....but to continue bashing my thread and say that you all are not bashing me for it is messed up.

i asked for this thread to be shut down.....ok, i messed up, i didnt want to post this where NO ONE would read it...i get it. just close it already, so we can have other boards out there that have nothing to do with this movie.

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