Lollipop Chainsaw

Could be a pretty fun game, will probably see how the reviews are, hopefully they make a good game, rather than just come up with the cool/fun concept.
kinda like buffy the vampire slayer.
with zombies.
and a chain saw.
Just found the trailer for this, and it looks rather great. My wife wants to get this so it'll be a first day purchase for me.
Looks abit gimmicky. Aside from playing a girl making cheeky remarks, what is new here or puts it above other zombie games? The wacky zombie tone has been done several times now, it's nothing new.
I don't know if the gameplay will be any good as I haven't played it yet but the whole of having your boyfriends head as a weapon and different outfits is honestly enough for me to give it a try.

Any game that is a cross between Buffy and Sailor Moon (My two favorite things) is enough to grab my attention.
A look at the unlockable outfits.









Those outfits look awesome. Makes me want it now!
Love the model they got. I wish they used her as the basis for the actual character, she's way too anime for my liking.
Yea iv seen some of the interviews she's done at like comic con. She seems pretty cool. No telling if she's actually a real gamer and all that or just tapping into a rich market, but, well i don't really care. She gets a thumbs up in my book.
I just found out that James Gunn wrote the script in conjunction with Suda 51. I must obtain this game.
picking up my copy for ps3 tomorrow got the Ash from evil dead skin.
Wait, what?! Ash from Evil Dead? O_O

the Katy Perry looking one (short black hair 50s inspired dress) and the one with her in the gold suit and blond Afro are great.
Baby Spice sporting the hairstyle of HQ from BAA

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