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Luke Cage casting call (merged)

Isildur´s Heir

Dec 21, 2002
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Mike Colter!

He is an unknown so far, but you can see him in Million Dollar Baby, in the role of Big Willie Little.
I think the guy makes a great job for such a small role, and it was his first movie for all i know.

The man as the perfect height (he is taller then Eastwood), the body, the face, the voice....

I can´t seem to find any picture of the guy, not even from Million Dollar Baby, so, if anyone find a pic, post it here.
This is the only picture i found of the guy

Just hire Michael Jai White and be done with it.
I saw on IMD message board that Shawn Wayans might play Luke Cage. Any Thoughts?
I've got some thoughts, but they'd likely be censored.
Still A ThorFan said:
It is bad enough Luke Cage is even being done.

Whats wrong with a cage movie?
Cage is one of my favorites, I think it would be a different flavor in superhero movies.
I thought Singleton wanted Ving Rhames to play him?
And Shawn Wayans will make it a stupid film.

Unless he takes a page from Jamie Foxx and actually becomes serious for a movie for once.
I remember an interview from Wizard with the guy who was directing it, and he said "Imagine 50 Cent with superpowers."

Not really looking forward to the Luke Cage movie.
Henry Simmons is a much better choice for Cage acting wise, though I would reluctantly admit LL has more box office potential. I abhor the idea of LL as Luke Cage. He'd simply play himself.
Isildur´s Heir said:
This is the only picture i found of the guy


I would concur. But, I think the best way to introduce the Luke Cage character would be through other Marvel movies as a cameo. I think his character could be built up that way, as sort of a mystery hero in future Marvel movies, while his own movie is being developed. I think his popularity can be built up in the general public and then introduce him on a solo film.
I think the same goes for the Black Panther.

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