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Neto Magnus

Sep 11, 2003
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Aight well someone told me that I should have my own thread in the fanart section.

I don't really consider myself an artist, I mean, some of these guys here are the ones with REAL talent.

So without further adieu, here it be...
This one was one of my favorites...

As you can see, I wasn't quite too happy with the hiring of Brett Ratner...
And this one I just did. An 'enhanced' Sue Storm. I was gonna turn it into a magazine cover but I was like, "meh".


stay tuned. more to come, I just gotta get my files organized.
The enhanced Sue Storm is really cool looking.
hahaha. those rock.

i just love how bling Professor X looks.
I burst out laughing everytime i look at Night Lee's face...
thanx for the feedback guys!

here are some crappy "casting news" quickies. These aren't really my best work cuz I didn't put alot of time into them. I just made them to see how the actors might look in the movies.

I put this together as soon as I heard Jessica Alba was cast as Invisible Woman. Lots of ppl were complaining so I made this to shut em up. (or to make em laugh)

Here, I assume THC will play Sandman...

Lol, 'Princess Mangina' suggested Anne Frank for Kitty...

After seeing Steel, I hope Juggs DOESN'T look like this...

haha, no comment about this one...

And this I did last week...

and a bonus...

here are some movie poster parodies from my website...

The 2004 Election...




The Inaugural ...
The Iraqi War...

Mr. Il...

The Jacko Mistrials...



There's more at my site
dude i love those posters!!! wats the website where i can find moer like these?
Hahahaha. Now I want to play GTA: Baghdad...

And I love all the election 2004 posters.
alright, here are some wallpaper requests I did awhile back...

my friend's a big Predator/X-Men fanatic...

Hot babes and 'literally' hot bikes. What's better than that?...

This was for my girlfriend who insists that Maggie would be a great Kitty. But I'm still not too sure of the casting...
that wolverine vs predator is damn awesome.

movie wolvie would get his arse handed to him

comic wolvie would tear predator a new ugly face
currently, I'm working on a Colossus wallpaper for a fellow SHH'er (like the one above^).
this is what I did so far...

I'm trying to learn how to use Photoshop so I can tweek the pic with some lighting effects. I still don't know yet whether I should 'metal-out' his face.
And, I dunno...should I lose the nips?
Neto Magnus said:
lol, then join the army. :rolleyes:
well, the cover implies you will be terrorists instead... so I would have to convert or something. which i'm not too keen on.

besides, I don't really want join the military just to go die for a cause I don't agree with.
incredible_bob said:
well, the cover implies you will be terrorists instead... so I would have to convert or something. which i'm not too keen on.

besides, I don't really want join the military just to go die for a cause I don't agree with.

hmm, I think the soldiers are thinkin the same thing. but too late for them.
Awesome job really lose the nips and metal the face IMO. I would love love if you could do brad pitt as captain america. Not that you said you were taking request mr. Magnus...Sir...please be my friend godfather.
3 things--

1] Mmmmmmmm. Mariah in tight leather.
2] I would like to work with that Enhanced Sue pic. if'n you don't mind.
3] Mmmmmmmm. Wolvie making sushi.
Your manips are F'ing awesome.

Did you take class(es) on how to do this or something?
wow, it's been awhile. Normally, I wouldn't post 'fakes' here but since this was comic related and the fact that I spent ALOT of time on it, I had to post it here. But don't worry this is the PG-13 version. If for whatever reason you want me to take it down, I will.


'Unrated' version also available

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