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Jan 10, 2004
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I was looking over my collection of MK Spidey/Sensational Vol 2. the other day and i must say its great.

I love the bit more mature stories, the art, the writing, Black Cat as a more serious supporting character. Black Cat/Spidey interactions/team ups are always the best to read when done right.

I just wish they could of let the series go on longer and not can it so Amazing could go three times a month.

Any other big fans of this series, some of your favorite stories from it? I know when Mac was introduced as Venom for the first time it was to mix reactions, but re-reading that entire arc again, it was done very well and with great set up and exacution.

I did love when Spidey got beat up badly by Rhino and the many reactions by the three women in his life to it, specially Cat standing up to Rhino.
I liked how Osborn was responsible for the creation of super villains. It gave some major depth to the character that we've never seen before.
The 12 issue Marvel Knight story was quite good. There's stuffs that I don't like such as Peter's look and the anti climatic end, but overall pretty entertaining

I personally love The Last Temptation of Eddie Brock in SSM
Millars 12 issue run, no doubt was an amazing read. re-establishing all the core villians in an amazing story, that sadly is now "erased".

The MK and Sens. vol. 2 run, just proves all those theories of a married Spider-Man being boring, or not good for young readers wrong. Im 22 now, and i just connect with that Peter Parker/Spider-Man so much more then i do with any of the old single issues. Just something about Peter working with his women relationships (May, MJ, ) that is so much fun to read.

And sadly now since OMD, one of the biggest victims (obviously aside form the marriage) is been Felicia . That character was hitting such a stride i thought in the stories, making her right up there with MJ and May as important to Peter's life then ever before and then vanish...
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I think we'll be seeing some more of Felicia in the near future... and Sacosa was hinted as being the writer of some Black Cat mini/on-going at some point at the end of last year, so 2009 may be a good year for the Black Cat.

Hope so, she is no doubt i think in the Spidey-world, maybe one of the more underrated characters there is.

She was doing her thing, way before Catwoman/DC try to borrow her style. And just about her being so confident/sexual along with Spidey, is a great twist to their stories and their relationship. Hope that solo series comes out one day.
MKSM 1-12 was awesome. It had some flaws, but at least it was fun and entertaining, without having to "shock" readers.

The next issues up until it became SSm sucked REALLY hard, though.

SSM was great, and Aguire-Sacasa really gave 2 great issues that basically ( I think) stated his opinion about what Marvel was doing to the marraige and Spider-Man....All good stuff.

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