Marvels' past, present, and future


Jul 7, 2006
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Marvel is the greatest comic book/superhero company of all time, IMO. Since there debut, they have had great superheroes such as Captain America, the Human Torch, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Dardevil, Punisher, and of course my favorite, Spider-Man.

Anyway, there has been amazing stories and there has been bad stories as well such as Sins Past, Skin Deep, The Other, etc (all part of ASM). However, Marvel is still such a fantastic company and even though I was born in the 1990's, I still know how long Marvel has been around. I mean, years ago they were Timeley Comics. Anyway, Marvel still is an amazing comic book universe that I think will do great in the future. I mean, the Marvel films, merchandise, etc, have all brought out this spectacular comic book world all over the globe and into our imaginations.

I think the future of Marvel will be very successful and all these Marvel films that are coming out are going to make Marvel even more successful. Currently, I'm really enjoying Brand New Day in ASM and I'm looking foward to seeing what happen in the coming Issues. I also am excited for Secret Invasion.

What's the point of this thread you ask? Well, quite frankly, I would like to hear your feelings on Marvel and if you like or don't like what they have been doing and what you think will happen in the future. Always remember that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.
Yea,in terms of the characters,they're going to be around long after I'm dead.That's one of the reasons I laugh at fanboys who argue about continuity;histories and relationships are always going to change among the characters as Marvel keeps publishing and bringing in new writers.

As far as artists go,Marvel is stacked and seems to be using their arsenal much better than DC.They've taken chances on young guns like Yu,Pagulayan,Aja,the Djurdjevics' and Pham by giving them big name projects.Artists who have been around for quite some time such as Epting,Lark,Deodato,JRJR,Guice and Chaykin have been brought to the forefront and are being discovered by a whole new generation of comic readers.

They have a wide selection of monthly books featuring stoylines that are entirely contained within the book.Books like Iron Man,Thor,Cap,Iron Fist,DD,Hercules,The Twelve and Punisher War Journal all have their own distinct voice and direction.

The amount of free reign the company gives their writers.I love DC and their characters,but it's a known fact that there are a significant amount of suits breathing down the throats of editorial over there.
Well I'm a fan of Marvel obviously.

My only problem with Marvel right now is the treatment of Spider-man. It almost feels like Marvel has completely butchered my favorite character. This was honestly the first time where I felt like Marvel literally just slapped me across the face. Now, I know others can list about a million other moments where Marvel has slapped fans across the face but, for me...this was the moment. The sting of how Marvel is destroying Spider-man still hasn't left yet.

Other then that, I'm enjoying what I'm reading. I like what's going on in FF, USM, Secret Invasion looks to be really freaking amazing if it's pulled off right and Messiah complex put the X-men back on the map

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