Mattels new DC Superhero line idea


Jul 13, 2002
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Its the perfect chance to get some great figures.We already know Supes and Bats will be in every wave so mix it up

I guess it would be like Wave 4

Batman One Million
Robin(new uniform)
The Question

Wave 5
Superman One Million
Buisness suit Lex Luthor
Lois Lane

Wave 6
Batman Lee Berjemo style
The Ventriliqust
Batgirl(the new one in infinte crisis)

Wave 7
Lee Berjemo Superman

and so on it would give us great figures and versions of Supes and Bats we have never had before.
Yes, it's a shame that Mattel won't be able to cover other heroes and their relevant dramatis personae, but their existing license does allow them a reasonable degree of freedom.

I am wishing beyond hope for an excellent Ra's al Ghul.
There was a new Batgirl in IC?

And they get enough freedom from thier license. We're getting the Creeper in a Batman wave....The Creeper.

What I like is what Mattel is doing with what they have. One Batman and 3 villains? Sweet.
I saw Doomsday in Wal-Mart the other day, and I'll be frank - his diminutive size just kills what would otherwise be an awesome action figure.

If they're going to continue with this line, they need to fix the scale issues. Doomsday should be Juggernaut-sized at least.
It depends who's drawing him. He seems to vary between 7' and 15'.
This one is no taller than Superman or Batman. He's 6" tall and that's too small for Doomsday.
I believe Doomsday tops out at just a hair under 7". He's taller than Bizarro, I know that for sure. And my DCSH Bizarro looks my DCD Hush Batman almost eye to eye.
I'm not much a DC person. I know a good bit about batman and a little about superman and flash. but not too much else. What other figs would be good to get that match pretty well with this line? I got Man-Bat the other day and he looks pretty good. Any suggestions? For any DC stuff.
Man-Bat??? From the DCD line??? He's pretty cool, I have one aswell.

Actually if you'd rather just wait for the DCSH villains that be cool, but the DCD versions are better IMO. But they tend to be bigger depending on what specific line they are from
the Man-bat i got is from the Batman Rogues Gallery. He's pretty cool. I've had my eye on him for a few months now, but i wanted to have a descent batman first. I'm sure that the DCSH lines will have some nice batman and superman villain figs since that's all they will be making for awhile. I know some of you guys want new characters and i understand and hope you get some, but i wouldnt mind getting people i actually know. i almost got the rogues gallery penguin, but i didnt. they were $17 a piece so i only got man-bat. I really hope they end up getting to do figs of flash, green lantern, etc in the DCSH line.
I do too. Branching out into the DCU would be great for the DCSH but its DCs call.

Well, if there's any particular DC Direct figures you have in mind I may be able to trade a couple towards the WM figs and possibly the YA boxset. Besides, it doesn't bother me because once I trade any to you I could go to my shop and get just about anyone of them again.
i looked long and hard at a bunch of the figs yesterday when i was there, but they just dont appeal to me as much as the DCSH. I like articulation. THe scuplts look good on some of them on their own, but i want figures that fit well with the line. I'll keep your offer in mind though.
Thats cool. Just lemme know if anything catches you eye. Besides, the DCD figures rarely are sold for more than $15 here
sounds good. i'll probably go back and see what they have one more time. Do you have access to catwoman or bane? I forgot what line they are in, not the DCSH bane, but the big ****ing one. I'd like those two maybe. What other figs where in that line and would those two fit will with the DCSH line you think?
Bane would since he's waaaay bigger but Bane is sold out down here. He and that Catwoman were the hot sellers. There's also a Nightwing, Azrael BAtman and Mask of Tengu Batman but those aren't much. Well, the Az Bats is but he may have finally sold out. The Catwoman sadly doesn't even mesh with most DCDs because she was too tall.
yeah, i saw her before when i was looking for you. she looks nice, but she was tall. bane kicked *** though. I should have gotten him. oh well, it's no biggie, i still have the other bane from DCSH. so don't worry about looking for them for me.
I actually bought her but never opened her. I then saw reviews and pics of her side by side with other DCDs and I traded her to Guy Gardner because I had no use for her.
speaking of DC stuff, i saw blue beetle yesterday. sweet looking fig. $50 though.

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