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mcadams, pierce get married


Apr 21, 2005
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McAdams, Pierce get married

Source: Variety by: Mike Sampson

Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams, Chris Cooper and Patricia Clarkson have signed on to star in the upcoming 1940s drama MARRIAGE. In the film, Brosnan will play a married man who after cheating on his wife (Clarkson) with a young woman (McAdams) he decides to have her killed instead of going through a divorce. Oren Moverman and Ira Sachs wrote the script and Sachs (FORTY SHADES OF BLUE) will direct the film. Producers are bringing the project to Cannes in hopes of selling the film to distributors. MGM will likely release the project here in the States with its partnership with the Weinstein Co. that also recently released LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN and CLERKS 2 later this summer. Filming will begin on MARRIAGE in July with Cooper filming concurrently with THE KINGDOM, the Jamie Foxx terrorism drama. McAdams was proclaimed the "next big thing" after the success of WEDDING CRASHERS but hasn't done a whole lot to capitalize on that status since then with MARRIAGE her first project since FAMILY STONE released in November.​


For a minute, I thought Guy Pierce and Rahcel McAdams got married by the looks of the title.

off topic, but isnt she engaged to ryan gosling?
karea07 said:
off topic, but isnt she engaged to ryan gosling?

Im not sure.

The 1940's film was good, so this could be very intresting.
Pierce Brosnan bores me as of late. I don't like the old look.
Gamma Ray said:
Pierce Brosnan bores me as of late. I don't like the old look.

He was awesome in The Matador.
Sounds like this could be a real good dark comedy. And after The Matador (easily one of the top 3 comedies of last year), I can see this being very good. Brosnan is proving he can do good work without James Bond. And Rachel McAdams is always lovely on the eyes, albeit none of her work ahs been too challenging, she has great screen presence non the less though.

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