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McD's for Weddings?


Eh? Custom Title?
Dec 2, 2008
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Imagine receiving a wedding invitation where the typical menu options of salmon, chicken, or beef are replaced with Filet-o-Fish, Chicken McNuggets, or a classic Big Mac.

If McDonald's catered nuptials are your idea of a dream wedding, you might want to consider a trip to Hong Kong, where the international chain has launched its first company licensed McWeddings.

McDonald's Hong Kong first announced its intentions to offer the fast food festivities on October 10 of last year, to coincide with the auspicious 10-10-10, considered an especially lucky date in Chinese numerology. That announcement came with a large group wedding and a fashion show of wedding dresses, which are now available for lease or sale on McDonald's wedding website.

The New York Times reports that the McWeddings offer an inexpensive option in a nation where the monthly household income averages around only $2,250, but the average couple spends about $29,200 for a wedding. A ceremony under the Golden Arches is a relative steal, starting at $1,280, which comes with food and drinks for 50, a "wedding cake" made of stacked apple pies, and invitation cards. There are even gifts for the guests - figurines of classic McDonald's characters like the Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald.

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While the McWedding has many of the standard trimmings of a traditional reception, some changes have been made; for example, no alcohol is permitted at the family establishment. To get around this, the wedding party toasts the couple with a sugary beverage or treat - because Shirley Chang, managing director of Hong Kong McDonalds, tells the Times, sweetness is considered lucky. "That's why we toast with sundaes," she said. "You can have a lot of fun with soft drinks."

While licensed McWeddings are currently limited to Hong Kong, informal celebrations at fast food chains are common around the world - in February, a couple held their wedding reception for 30 at a KFC in Bristol, England and in 2005 a couple from Irwin, PA were wed at a McDonald's drive-through. Such festivities are not limited to weddings. KFCs catering to the Muslim Uyghur people in the Xinjiang autonomous region of China, advertise special parties following boys' ritual circumcisions.

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Gordon Mathews, an anthropologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, explains that McDonald's often has a sentimental value for engaged couples, who grew up studying and hanging out in the restaurants.

"In the U.S. and other places, middle-class or upper-middle-class people look down on McDonald's," he told the Times. "But Hong Kong is different. A McDonald's wedding wouldn't be seen as tacky here."


I got this from another forum I frequent, and lemme tell ya I thought it was hilarious. I mean, if ya can't go to Vega's let's hit McD's!

Where is the Honey Moon going to be at? Sonic for the mixed drinks?
That's hilarious. Imagine trying to sell your girlfriend on this idea in America.

"But honey, we'll save so much money and get ALL THE CHICKEN McNUGGETS WE WANT!"
I remember a few years back here in the states, our local McD's was promoting a Valentines Day dinner and I lost it. I know in some countries McD's is actually an upscale restaurant but this is just disturbing though.
If it fits the couples personality, then go for it. Weddings should be a very personal thing. Though I personally don't see McDonald's weddings catching on in popularity.
The couple who had their wedding reception at KFC in Bristol, England did it as a joke.
Heck, I'd love to have some apple pies at my wedding.
I'd want some Snicker McFlurries and apple pies at my wedding.
So, would a McWedding be anything like a McJob?
This is just too damn classy!
This would be ridiculous in America. Actually, it's kind of ridiculous already, but whatever floats their boat :up:
This would be ridiculous in America. Actually, it's kind of ridiculous already, but whatever floats their boat :up:
Ummm, we already have The Waffle House Wedding, sooo, yeah.
I was married at an old folks home myself. I couldn't afford a wedding so we just did it.
Confession time:

On the way to the reception, my new wife and I decided we would need a snack. We'd already done 30 minutes of pictures at the church with no food since breakfast (it was past noon) and now had the prospect of 30-40 more minutes without food while the photographer took even more pics at the reception hall.

So we did it. We went through McDonalds for frys and drinks in tux and wedding gown.

The first three years it was kind of cute because I would trick my wife into eating a meal at McDonalds on our wedding day. At some point during the meal, I'd take her hand while gazing across the table at her and say "Happy Anniversary, honey."

Of course I'd take her out the weekend before or after for the real anniversary celebration.

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