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Michael C Hall is Young William Stryker

Empire has exclusive pics so I'm not surprised if they got the scoop
just when i was get use to, Huston, now they switch it up agian (but, I am good with either)
I guess, Empire, is a more reliable source, but, who knows??
And, if this casting is legit, there's still a chance Huston will be in the movie. But as who?
It's likely this is a mistake as Empire was going to press.

Variety confirmed Huston as Stryker.
maybe he's playing a Younger younger William Stryker. Michael C Hall will be in the Vietnam scenes whereas Huston will be in the Weapon X scenes. Psh, I dunno.
I'm thinking they just went to press before the Variety story broke, like DJ said above. Besides...having Hall and Huston as Stryker in one film would be weird.
yes, this issue about Striker is a bit weird....

we'll know the truth in a few weeks, I suposse.
Hall is only like 36/37, and in X2, Stryker is meant to be in his mid-late 60's. I thought Huston would've made more sense age-wise.

I doubt they'd use two actors barely ten years apart for the same character. Maybe this is just a mix-up.

Marvel/Fox said Huston was Stryker so I'm inclined to believe them.
I was hoping Michael would be playing Maverick. Either way, I hope he's still in the movie some how. What other Wolvie related characters have yet to be cast? Mastadon? lol
If they added Essex, i wouldn't care if it was over crowded.

I'd orgasm on the spot.

Its wishful thinking on my part as well.

But it wouldn't be such a strange move as it seems. Why not make Essex the overseer of the Weapon X project?

Sure, it doesn't follow X-Men history very accurately, but we all know the film continuity is a whole new ballgame.

Plus this serves 2 purposes:

1. It might serve as hints to a possible film version of the Marauders and the Mutant Massacre, which are big events in the X-Men mythology.

2. It brings in another HUGE X-Men baddie. Sure, the film has Sabretooth, but why not bring in another powerful mutant villain. Someone who won't dominate this film (perhaps shown as always being a shadowy overlord on the Weapon X project), but be set up as a major player in future X-films.
While i would love Essex to make an appearence I won't hold my breath. :csad:

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