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Nov 26, 2003
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Which characters who have been in X1 and X2, but not in X3 (as far as we know) should be seen again in an X4 or a spin-off...?
Sabretooth and Deathstrike for the Wolverine spin-off even though its a prequel and Nghtcrawler for X4 if it happens.
I want to see all of them except Toad. Deathstrike and Sabertooth would be hard people to fight so that would give the X-men a challenge and Nightcrawler was just awesome.
how could they get deathstrikew back into the film though

i was gutted when she got it in the end

she was one of my favs
No one, there's a lot of characters to introduce but I want to see Nightcrawler in a spinoff.
Nightcrawler and Sabretooth. The second one not in an X-Men movie again, but definitely has to show up in the Wolverine movie somewhere.

And as far as Nightcrawler.... c'mon, one movie just ain't enough. ;) Nightcrawler was one of the biggest highlights of X2, so I was disappointed when he got dropped in the next film.... if they do any more movies past X3, then at least a small role or cameo for Kurt is a must.

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