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Come at me bro
Apr 29, 2005
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Does anyone think he should get his own comic. He seems like an interesting camera, ya kinda feel bad for the guy. Also in the comics was he more bad or good? So what are your thoughts?
Morbius is a camera? :confused:

I don't know, I'd probably read the first arc to give it a try. Morbius doesn't jump to mind as one of the characters who'd really work best in a solo series to me, though. I'd prefer to see him in a supernatural team book, myself. Along with Blade, just for kicks. ;)
I definitely do not think he could support his own book
He will be could if he made another appearance in a Spidey or Blade comic
I'd like to see someone do something with him. Of course, I'd like to see all of Marvel's supernatural characters get another shot. I really wish Marvel would balance its genres out a little more like DC's been doing.
He had his own title for a while actually. I'm not sure if it was a mini or a failed ongoing though. I have #1 stashed away somewhere.

... ... It sucked.
Morbius's '90s title was an ongoing, part of the Midnight Sons line. All of which were basically supported by frequent crossovers with the then uber-popular Ghost Rider, as I remember it.
Bah. One title with Morbius, Blade, Ghost Rider, Hannibal King, Werewolf by Night, and maybe Death, Inc., Dr. Druid, and the Black Knight, with occasional cameos by Dr. Strange, is all you need.

Oh, and Hellstorm. Because you just can't pass up a guy named Hellstorm in a supernatural book. :)
Morbius seems like the kind they might stick in Nick Fury's Howling Commando's.
Hopefully not. The sooner that piece of crap is canceled, the sooner we can get a decent take on Marvel's supernatural side.
God it's still going? I remember seeing the first issue on the shelf at my local comic store and then thankfully i never saw it again. How many issues did they manage to crank out?
It might've been canceled, actually. I haven't read it. I saw the previews for it and wondered if Marvel's decision-makers actually sat around and discussed who would be the least suitable artist for the book, then went for him.
Good choice. It was bad enough they were trying to force feed us that crap by putting previews in the middle of practically every comic.

God i hate when they do that.
It would've been nice if they were at the end instead, but it was nice to see them at least trying to put some marketing weight behind the book. I often wonder why Howling Commandos got that treatment while more deserving titles like the She-Hulk or Runaways relaunches didn't, though.
Vanguard07 said:
Good choice. It was bad enough they were trying to force feed us that crap by putting previews in the middle of practically every comic.

God i hate when they do that.
heh, I actually know the story behind that...
I think a showcase book featuring a rotating cast of supernatural characters could work pretty well. Each issue could have a main story with a bigger-name character like Dr. Strange or Ghost Rider, and then a back up story with someone like Morbius. Sort of like how "Marvel Comics Presents" worked, but with a supernatural theme. Call it "Marvel Supernatural Showcase" or something like that.

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