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Nov 23, 2005
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This will include spoilers abut the Winter Soldier so don't read if you haven't seen it yet. Agents of SHIELD too.

In my previous version seen here: Movie TV Agent Jessica Drew
I said: "This is a redesign of what I think she could look like in the movies or TV shows. He web wings are a strapped on thing, like Falcon's wings sort of or these wings I saw Nick Fury wear in the comics once to infiltrate Osborne's room. Her Sting Powers I thought could be from the Stingers that Black Widow had in the movies. She also has guns. I imagined her to maybe have limited powers than she has in the comics. In the comics she can fly, shoot energy blasts, is super strong, and stick to walls. I think maybe she could have some of those powers through technology. Like other characters she has no mask, just spy goggles. If they decided to give her powers the suit would still work I think. In the comics she is surgically and genetically altered by Hydra to have powers, that might be a cool movie scene. Her story is that she is a Hydra Agent sent into SHIELD as a sleeper agent, to act like a SHIELD agent until she was activated. But she was turned by SHIELD and is now good, but she is sent into Hydra to spy for SHIELD.
So she was bad pretending to be good, but actually became good and is now pretending to be bad.
I think her story would be a great addition to the current Marvel universe.
Oh, also, like some other designs I did, this is traced over a drawing to get my concept on paper faster. It was from a cover of Lady Phantom X by Kris Anka anklesnsocks "

I revised it and added to it and made it my own so that I wouldn't be using another artist's drawings. Here its more about Jessica Drew's Flight suit. Like Sam Wilson/Falcon, Agent Drew uses a special flight suit designed to help her glide. I was unsure if her character would be given powers or not, but I thought it would be a good idea to leave that vague. Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't. This design can go both ways. To go along with the events of the Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD, Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD. Many SHIELD agents turned out to be Hydra sleeper agents. During Winter Soldier they took SHIELD down. Agents of SHIELD is SHIELD trying to rebuild itself. Agent Jessica Drew was one of those Hydra Agents pretending to be a SHIELD agent. Like many others she was in deep cover for so long that she made friends, alliances, etc. At some point SHIELD turned her. She is now secretly working for Nick Fury and Coulson, for SHIELD, spying on Hydra while pretending to be spying for Hydra on SHIELD. For the body and face I used Katy Perry, someone who I feel looks physically like Jessica Drew. This was also an exercise in making her costume more realistic and less revealing. I have heard many many women say things like, "Why don't they just redesign her costume already." So this was my attempt.

Also, if any of my designs appeal to any Cosplayers and they want to make a costume from them feel free. Just let me know please and send me a picture.

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I can also draw your own personal characters!
nice to see that you are still around these parts :up:

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