my art of batman


Formally batboy99
Feb 4, 2006
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this is 1 of my best drawings
i need to fix the hand tho but 4 a 13 yr old i think its good
has anyone else read hush here?
Batman story by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, very good one too.
here are my drawings of phoenix

Her arm is a bit small in the 1st drawing but you still have style.Good work :up:
i used bits and pieces from a reference pic,and thats how the arm was
soorry that the 2nd one is hard to see
Hey, there are some proportion and foreshortening problems...but hey you are only 13, so they're pretty good.

My advice to you is not to just learn from comic books, or copy and use them as your only reference material. The problem with this is a lot of those cats haven't had formal training and though sometimes it looks really good, but it's a matter of style over substance. The problem with copying or using them for reference is that the mistakes they make will become exaggerated when copied.

I would look up classic artists Leonardo, Michelangelo etc. Use pictures from magazines and draw the basic shapes (cylinders for legs/arms, boxes for hips torso and head) which will give a better sense of the way the body works turns and looks in a variety of different poses.

Most of all keep practicing...
thank you,the face,hair and costume was by hand the rest (outline of body) was a reference pic
for people in toronto,u probably know who this is and for you that dont this is a character named silver snail which is the character for a comic book store(my favorite)silver snail

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