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My Batman Forever "Panther" Batsuit


Apr 26, 2010
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hey there guys, finally completed my batsuit from Batman Forever. i had always wanted to put one together and its finally finished! i recieved my spandex bodysuit and had glued the armor onto it. after some trial and error i finally got it on correctly. i actually had to wear the undersuit backwards so that the zipper would be on the back so i can slip in and out of it, and that worked just fine. i got the armor from someone in CA who wanted to get rid of his, but i absolutly love the armor. not sure who the maker is, but whoever made this, kudos to them cuz its amazing. i was able to get everything in one shot, the belt and chest symbol, kneepads, legs and crotch, torso, cape and cowl. i loove the cowl! its all so much like the movie. i also got the correct panther gloves and i think pretty good boots to go with the suit. i am stoked at finally being able to own a very movie accurate style batsuit. this wasnt really hard to put together, just needed to buy the right materials, and thanks to the brotherhood of the bat boards for the info!

here are some pics of the near finished product, not proffesional but me just showing off lol.

i got my boots and gloves and had to use regular superglue to attach the chest and leg armor, and it seems to hold much better when i sweat. man does it get hot in this thing! lol. but i love it, i do not regret buying this outfit. its definetly surreal wearing this outfit i so idolised as a kid. i feel like an action figure lol.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

here is my flickr gallery of my suit:

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lol hey i didnt add them ahaha! but in a way i prefer them to be there only to make it screen accurate.
Looks great. You making any more?
you mean anymore batsuits? nope probably not. this suit was not cheap at all, i would say close to something around $800 or so. the gloves themselves were like $100.

however i did also make a pretty awsome Ghostbuster uniform that i just recently had finally finished. again another expensive outfit. im working on getting some pics of it all done on flickr soon.

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