My biggest problem with JLA is...

mego joe

Oct 16, 2006
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VOte for why you are concerned about this production!
maybe there should be a selection for "not worried at all"
No All of the above? :woot:
None of the above.
It's a multiple choice poll, you can vote for as many or as few as you like.

I didn't include a 'not worried' b/c those folks seem to be overwhelmed by the ones who are concerned.
cast too young.
I say its way to early, to be thinking, there are any big problems
except maybe, the rumored delay
(which this early in the production really doesn't effect much or is it an induction of a bigger problem, or related to any of the things listed)

these just sound like typical fan complains, that you will find in the early production of any movie, before getting more info, or seeing some promo shots, footage,…
Timing is wrong and cast is too young.

I ultimately chose timing is wrong. I would like to see them close out Nolan's Batman series and figure out what they will do with Singer's Superman before I see two more live action Batman and Superman.
I went with - Script, Villains and no Bale. I feel this current script/villain idea is a lame way to introduce the JLA and going without Bale is foolhardy.
Too young of a cast, its like TEEN TITANS. No Routh, Routh would fit in like a glove... I dig the story and script idea, but it also isn't the right time. Do a WW, GL, FLASH flick before you do JLA
You need a "Not worried at all. Really looking forward to it." category.
Why is there no "All of the above" option?

Anyways, I went with No Routh.
The rumored villains. There are better choices.
Luckily the poll allows for more than one option. Mostly the idea of a very young cast bothers me.
The cast is too young. That is my biggest gripe.
YES, I voted for JLA is impossible to do correctly. Ha, Batman in space? Batman fighing aliens? HAHAHAHA! Don't make me laugh! The very idea of guys standing shoulder to shoulder with bright costumes is just TOO dumb. In the creative world of a comic or animation, it works perfectly. In the real world? Nope.
The cast is way too young. A lot of these kids look like they're fresh out of high school..and I just can't buy that young of a Batman or Superman.
well the obvious problem is they're rushing, the cast is also too young, they need 30 somethings to portray them

i'd like superman to have a naivety about him, like being blinded by idealism that contrasts with batman's cynicism, that whole dynamic is important. i'd like too see someone try to approach clark that way. but they can't look 25. i liked the guy out of the worlds finest fan film, i think he could do alright.

batman needs to to be the oldest or maybe tye with Lantern, maybe early 40's late 30's, grizzly cynical veteran, slight paranoid aura. someone once said Joaquin Phoenix which i think is good for batman but i can't see him as clark. I saw a pic of Kevin Conroy and though wow he's got the jaw, he's got the skill, he's played batman, if he bulked up he could play an older batman.......but probly not this one, maybe DKR batman.

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