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My Finished Billy Clubs...


Dec 29, 2002
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That's nice. Any chance of a few more pics showing detail and the retractnig mechanism, so I have a visual guide to go along with what you posted in my thread? ;)!......
Great Job. You should sell them on Ebay!! LOL
They look Great!
Are you going to fashion a DD costume as well and start fighting crime? Kidding....they look really nice - excellent work!
Thanks everyone,

Yes i am going to start fighting crime, m town needs JUSTICE, and it will be found! LOL Im going to have more pics of it tonight, so stay tunned..


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It's cause PictureDot is getting updated, so the site is down just now.
Those do look great. Here is a pic of my finished clubs with my


a sculpt from a batman costume i bought the horns at a halloween shop
Pretty sweet repaint of the mask. I would use bigger horns though.
It doesnt look like they do. It looks like the kits you can get off of ebay for $35 a club.
the clubs are from the Ebay kits. with some paint of course. With some more patience and some skill at painting they would probably look better
Hey they look ok... are they steel? i need a pair and i need hard ones... trust me money isnt a problem plz reply

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