MY HILL!! Game

The 16-wheeler was rigged with explosives, which I detonate. The fires die down, and I walk up, claiming my hill.
Jumping out of the truck in time, I climb the hill and throw a net over Prime. He struggles and loses his balance, and once again it is MY HILL!
The net was made of cheap string. I bite through with my teeth and escape. I spin Rae around until she's dizzy and passes out. MINE
I wake up and pull Prime's jacket over his head. I push him off MY HILL!
I supposedly break my neck. The cops soon come and arrest Raelis. Meanwhile, I escape from the hospital, perfectly OK, and claim MY HILL! I WIN! =D
My lawyer shows photographic evidence that Prime faked his injury. I reclaim my freedom and the police arrest Prime for false accusation and defamation. The judge gives me sole and eternal ownership of my hill!
I arrange a mass jail break the same night and sneak all the way back. I tie up Rae while she sleeps and use her as a scarecrow on MY HILL!
My lab grown flying monkeys fly off with both Prime and Raelis, depositing them in the burning caldera of an active volcano. MY HILL!
I am able to hold on to the volcano's caldera edge and save myself from death. I climb out and disable Roadkill with a stun gun. He collapses and I push him off MY HILL!
I stand on a small stone island, surrounded by molten lava, and watch Raelis escape. I remain stoic as my body ignites in flame and I'm eventually obscured by the glowing fountains of hellish heat.
Ah, but Raelis has foolishly disregarded the army of flying monkeys hovering over her head! They swoop in to pick her up and then drop her from a height of 10,000 feet. MY HILL!
I use my parachute to land safely. I order 5 tons of bananas and some TNT. Roadkill's flying monkeys smell the fruit and fight over it. Roadkill attempts to control his airborne simians, but slips on some banana skin. I throw him over the bananas and detonate the TNT. Bananas and the rest go BOOM! My. Hill.
Roadkill Mk 15 de-vats, forges the One Ring, and sends his Nazgul buddies to sweep Raelis off MY HILL!

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