MY HILL!! Game

Healed from my anvil accident, I steal Roadkill's hose and spank him until he's forced to retreat down PRIME'S HILL.
I recover from my viral infection and place a mutated, dangerous form of the virus into a tranquiliser dart. I target Prime and shoot him directly in the neck. He immediately succumbs and I push him away.

My hill!!!
The virus mutates inside my body into powerful pheromones which I urinate out miles from the hill. Rae is lured away by the scent, and I take her place on MY HILL, DAMN IT.
The pheromones dissipate into the atmosphere and I hogtie Prime, rendering him helpless. I put him inside a box and send it to New Guinea. MY *gaddang* HILL!!!
Rae's cowgirl victory is short-lived, however, as I employ my Tibetan escape artistry. I swim, then walk back, and collapse on top of her in exhaustion. I raise my fist to claim my hill.
Prime, being exhausted from his long swim, falls asleep. I move out from under him and roll him like a log off MY HILL!
Having finally recovered from my vicious hose spanking, I entangle Raelis Shae's legs with my expertly thrown bola and roll her off MY HILL!
I'm able to loosen the bola off my feet and throw it back to Roadkill. He gets a taste of his own medicine and I retake MY HILL!
Leagues away, I slip into a deep meditation, project my higher self outward, and begin entangling my particles with those of Rae's. She goes POOF, replaced by me. My hill!
My particles reassemble me as an all powerful wizard and I cast the spell 'Stone' on Prime. He turns into a statue and I sell him off to a museum. MY HILL!
The full moon rises and I become flesh again. I race to the hill and kick Raelis off. Mine!
The clouds cover the full moon and Prime turns back to stone. I break him to pieces. My hill!
I gather up Prime's rocky pieces and fire them at Raelis with my rail gun, turning her into confetti. MY HILL!
I reassemble and annoy Roadkill with my karaoke rendition of all Guns n' Roses songs. He goes insane with the intense discord and goes off stunned into seclusion. My hill!
I undergo a singing training montage in the forest. I activate one of my dormant banshee genes, run up the hill, and scream until Rae must seek medical attention for her ears. HILL OF PRIME!
I surround the hill with loudspeakers and bombard Prime with the recordings of Justin Beiber and One Direction until his brains dribble out his ears and then I reclaim MY HILL!
being deaf from a previous attack, I am able to destroy Roadkill's speakers and set up a widescreen large TV and watch Miley Cyrus twerking non-stop. Roadkill leaves in disgust. MY HILL!
It turns out my last incarnation was a Prime Bot. I run up the hill, tickle Raelis into giggling submission, and claim my hill.
My fleet of B-52s drops thousands of tons of Tickle Me Elmos upon Prime and I stand on the giant pile of stuffed toys to reclaim MY HILL!
I set up a giant loudspeaker and crank it up to full volume. I then play some thrash metal guitar riffs. Roadkill is blasted away from MY HILL!
I pick up the loudspeaker and hurl it at Rae. She is blasted away with Roadkill. I claim this hill in the name of PRIME. Who challenges my territory?!
Moi! Prime is consumed by my army of rabid attack ferrets and I take my rightful place atop MY HILL!
I kill most the ferrets and escape. Grievously wounded, I send my consciousness into Roadkill's body, restructuring his neural patterns with my own. Mine/his body transforms into Prime's previous appearance. My hill!
Roadkill Mk14 emerges from his vat and clobbers Prime from behind with a baseball bat and tosses him down the hill. MY HILL!
I rise up and drive a 16-wheeler truck at full speed straight into Roadkill. The impact throws him into the horizon. MY HILL.

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